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Hey people!
I'm New to this community! But I'm very interested in sound quality and the acoustic of it. Everything sounds so much warmer and better than a harsh/shrill tone. If listen to a terrible sound, then I really have to use drugs to enjoy my favorite plate...
My mother tongue is Dutch, so I'm not really with English. But i'l try to do my best to write  a review about the following in ears: Sennheiser CX870. Honestly... I was not really happy with this purchase, but when I went to better in-ears product, like the Yamaha EPH100 ​​and Bose IE2 I found that this Sennheisers had some potential. Furthermore this is my first review, and I try my best to make it.
My First impression: 7.7/10
My first impression was a bit doubtful, I needed in-ears and was traveling. Then i'l taked a quick crazy decision, and chose this. I really was not expecting a huge amount of this product, mostly because of the primal design. But my sound impressions knew that this set should provide.
Package: 8/10
The ear-buds are delivered in a paper/half plastic with shiny text. It was no plastic package which you need to open it with your nails...
Design: 7/10
Little bit on the prime side. Very old fashioned but also potential on the other one side. Ears which look like a fairground ride aren't that great so. The stimulus poor and simple design that are getting these in ears still have said some potential!
The sound is not that bad but i didn't touched me when I first used it. First of all, I was quite sad with my purchase... on the fact that some plates (mainly electronic/dubstep) sounded scratched. Seemed that the sound came from a mirror. Too bad. Whenever, in other music, including classic a new dimension opened, everything sounded more vivid. Violins hit me harder in tone.
Middle Sound: 4/10
Very worthless, vocals sounded very artificial and female voices sounded as if you are going with nails along a blackboard. Where other middle sounds like an electric guitar didn't sound so spectacular: guitar did not sound like a guitar but like container!
Bass: 10/10
Great! Really great! The bass hits you tremendously. The feeling that comes from a very expensive subwoofer is really there. Where I think this manufacturer mainly emphasizes on the bass with this product. it has a deep bass, with a heavy soft tone and a lovely smooth thump in your ears! Also, if you increase the bass by artificial adjustments. The bass still sound so so neutral, without warping or cracking! Really wow!
Highs: 7/10
Some instruments including a snare or a violin sounds thanks to the scratching tone very fluently. It brings you into a new dimension. It sounds warmer, richer and fuller. The highs are in my opinion flowing.  But there's still a bit of a surplus of hiss which gives you a bit of an overkill effect.
3D Sound / Sound Stage
The sound varies by music genre, like someone with borderline. It's really up to what you're listening. As it sounds in Dubstep very scratchy while you are right in there inside a new dimension with classical music!
Final word:
This Sennheiser is certain not a bad choice. If you like to listen to classical music and want to sit right in the middle of it... Then this is the right choice for you! Are you listening to electronic music or music with many (women) vocals I will guess to look a little further. Because this is not the product for you!

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