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Best all-arounders under/around $550

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Hey guys, so I'm looking for my next upgrade and am a bit confused about where to go from here.


I've more or less trying to upgrade from a Pioneer HDJ-2000 (V-shaped)


I listen to hip-hop, classical, pop, just a large range of things, but those 3 genres make up the bulk of my library


I would prefer something:



Wide Soundstage


Nice subbass

Preferably removable cable, but not a must

Portability helps, but not a necessity


If it helps I also have a Fiio E12


Price range is around $550, I can stretch a little, but not too much


Thanks in advance!

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I'd go for the denon d5000 if you can find one for sale. I love mine for their fun signature, especially for the strong subbass. You can increase the already decent soundstage (especially for a closed can) by doing a simple and reversible earpad pod. They are great for hip hop and pop but expect to pay around 450 to 500 since they've been discontinued. Your amp should work fine with them they are pretty easy to drive.
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I like the idea of the D5000's, but they're especially hard to find since they were discontinued...

Even looking at used ones on Amazon they start at $650 which is a bit much...

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Yeah I bought mine the first chance I got when I saw them on the for sale forum, I am looking to upgrade to lcd2's though I could sell you mine...
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To the PM's!

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If you like bass Denon D600 or V-Moda M-100. D600 wins in comfort and mids detail/refinement. M-100 wins in portability, bass and build quality. Both are around $250 used. D5000 is better but hard to find and therefore inflated price-wise.
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Sell the e12. Get a k550. If you want a desktop amp then get something worth $100-150. If you also want portability then get an o2. And get a dac or sound card. This would give better sound overall.
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^Maybe I'm not thinking of the same O2 but I wouldn't call it "portable." K550 is an excellent neutral headphone if you get a good fit/seal. Unfortunately the lack of clamping force makes this difficult and often results in lack of bass.
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I tried the D600 and unfortunately its a bit too big for me... At its smallest point the earcups are still lower on my ears rather than centered.


I have a HRT Music Streamer Dac for my computer as well, and while the K550's are an option I've listened to them and don't know if they're a worthwhile upgrade to justify the price from where I am now

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Sennheiser momentum, although it lacks the wide soundstage you're looking for. And they're perfect for people with small heads/ears.
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do you know how the mids/sub bass are on there?

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The mids are nice and full, vocals sound excellent. It's a bit bassy for a Sennheiser, and it can hit the very low notes when needed.
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I'll go try it out (Theres a local store here that has them)

but I fear that the upgrade from my current headphones wouldn't be significant enough for me to justify the price...


I'll get back with my reaction tonight

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Yeah if you have small ears then Momentum or M-100 have really small cups :) Try the Momentum and see if you like it. If you want more bass then M-100.
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Kind of random, but I've just come across a good deal for some Ultrasone Pro 900's for about $300...

I know they're amazing for hip-hop, but will they be good/decent for classical?

I might just go for them for the price...

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