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For Trade: UE TRIPLE.Fi 10 for Beats

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For Trade:
UE TRIPLE.Fi 10 for Beats

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys I'm looking for a trade: my  UE TRIPLE.Fi 10 for a Beats Pro or Monster Turbine copper pro or gold.


My IEM are perfect, the sound is fabulous and I hope to not do a bad thing changing them, because they sound perfect to my ears, but I want change every year so...


For informations contact me.


Preferred UE trades but it's ok also international trades. 

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The beats will be nowhere near as good as the TF10. Please reconsider.


Maybe get them re-molded into customs to help with comfort

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I'm considering trades with the beats pro...


How can i remold the TF10? What are the pros in doing this?

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Custom fit, more isolation, doesnt make u look extraterrestrial.

Trust me, beats pro are nowhere near the level of the tf10. It has more bass but at its detriment. The tf10s bass is tighter, more punchy and extended. It gets its punch from dynamics rather than from bass quantity which the beats are guilty of. The tf10's level of detail also eclipses that of any beats on the market
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Unique melody does remolding service for 200 dollars. Just send your earphones and ear impressions and they will do it. They can also add more drivers and tune the earphone more to your liking, but i would follow what they advise. They know whats best
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Ty stainless for your advices... btw I don't want to spend so much money at this moment...


I'm still considering to trade with beats pro (hoping to not lose too much sound quality.. confused.gif) because I want to try headphone instead of IEM...


Hence I'm looking for:

- beats pro

- other high end beats headphone

- other high end headphone (akg, sennheiser, grado, etc...)


Beats preferred because they also look good


Let me know guys

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The sennheiser amperior sounds like the headphone that beats should have been. If you can get your hands on it to try, the bass is the most tactile I've ever had, and it doesn't get it from quantity but rather from dynamics and how powerfully the driver moves.


Get the aluminium cups anodized and a colored cable and they will look very unique

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Up guys... always looking for beats pro/other beats headphones/grado headphones/sennheiser amperior...

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Pm sent
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