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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post


Not that I don't want to help you, I just don't know a relatively inexpensive and reliable place I can recommend to you. The MUSES I have are all from other amp, so technically I didn't buy them. The most reliable place to get real MUSES01/02 will be Audiotrak Korea, but they are pricing them $79 a pop + shipping. They make gears and use the opamp themselves, so there is no question of fake. Otherwise you have to risk it on eBay with the Chinese / HK seller, which could turn out to be fake.


Another fairly reliable way is to order them from Japan using forwarding service like Tenso.com + Rakuten. This is probably the cheapest since MUSES are cheaper in Japan.


Hi ClieOS, how are you?


Im really interested in using the tense service, looks cheap to have access to all japanese stores. Have you ordered yours using Tenso + rakuten?



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I have used Tenso service several times before, but mainly with Amazon Japan.

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I think the information derived from folk's experimentation with the DIY amp (once they are sent out and played with) will be interesting.


I'm sure James and his team listened to all the permutations of op-amps and buffers and settled on what they thought was best in terms of sound (and potentially cost of manufacturing - a legitimate business concern) for the current E12. Synergy with one's gear differs, of course, and so does personal taste, so there cannot be one solution that will suit everybody's ears.


I will be interested to see through users's experimentation with the DIY E12, whether there will be a combination that stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest for a great majority of the users. If so, would it not be a basis for a revision of the E12, or even an alternative flavor of the amp? I guess this is what they mean by "crowd sourcing".


Anyway, a very exciting opportunity offered by James. I wish other manufacturers were so accommodating to their users in terms of experimentation with a product.


I would love to own the DIY amp and am also lobbying for it to be available in the future. Of course, if anybody wants to part with their DIY E12 ahead of that time, I would be interested in purchasing it.


I can't wait to hear what everyone think once they get a chance to roll some chips!

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Hi, i know I'm late to this but is it possible to still order the DIY upgrade set? Thanks

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Edited by MrJohnnyHan - 10/15/13 at 1:05am
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Looks hot- Hopefully no more headphone jack issues like the E17

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Originally Posted by MrJohnnyHan View Post

Edited earlier comments.Decided to keep it, waiting for the arrival of my E12DIY.

Well played sir.
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I want to know too about paying after the end of pre-order cost ?


Thank you.

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Guys, Fiio sent an email to confirm the shipping address and contact info and looks like the delivery will be in early Dec

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Yes I'd received the email too. The return email address is E12DIY@fiio.net.


This is legit right? =)

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Think its legit, just dont click reply to all
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It's absolutely legit, can't wait! :)

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Guys..... it's FiiO. No Need to be panic.

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we have made a golden case for E12DIY, should we start an vote so we can change to the golden case for E12DIY? below is the real photo.




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I think everyone known the reason that we took time to make different color ! :L3000:

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