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In sound quality, which one is better?

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I really need to know this, i've seen a lot of reviews in the last weeks, and I am stuck between the Senheiser Momentum and the Shure SE535, I really need your opinion, which one, in sound quality, is better? Please say why.

I was also interested in the audio-technica ath-m50, bose triport and bowers & wilkins p5, but I found out they were not as good. I can't pay anything above $600, if you find these last headphones I mentioned better than the seinheiser or the shure, please say why.

Thanks, I really need this
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A few questions back to you:


1) I don't own nor have I heard either of these, but from what I have read the impressions I have are that these two headphones that you have selected are quite different from each other. For instance:

full-sized vs IEM

warm vs clinical sound

Will any of these things affect your decision?


2) If you pick the SE535, you will likely need to buy a decent DAC/amp to get the most out of them. Have you considered this in your usage? Are you going to be using these out and about? What will you probably have these headphones connected to? Another popular question is about what kind of music you listen to, what headphones you have used in the past and what you liked about them - what kind of sound signature are you looking for?

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One thing that I need to say is that I'm not an audiophile, I am looking for a good IEM or full-sized headphone, with great sound quality, I want to feel the experience of a good headphone, the problem is that I don't have much experience with headphones, yes I'm a noob, that's why I'm watching/reading tons of reviews before making my choice, I need help because of this, my priority is the sound quality, I'm not sure if I'll be able to answer all of your questions.

I will use it on my ipod and I listen to different kinds of music, from electronic to rock, from blues to pop, from country to jazz, from hip hop to reggae, and I know I won't get a perfect headphone, but I'm using an in-ear headphone now that isn't very good, it's already old and the sound is horrible, that's why I need to change it but I'm wanting something that will make me have "eargasms" (hahahah)

I am looking for a good sound isolating and great clarity, I know both the seinheiser and the shure has it, and I really need help on this because (If i get the shure) I'm intending to buy it on amazon where it's cheaper, and there are just 2 SE535 left.

If I need a DAC to use the shure (if I get it) on my ipod, I will have to wait because I won't have the money to buy it right away but I can wait. I was searching for a good DAC and the best I can buy is the Schiit Bifrost.
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The SE535 are very sensitive and sound great unamped. You might benefit from an amp a little, but it probably won't be cost effective, or you might just get extra hiss and no improvement. Of course an amp/dac is always good to have, especially if you're considering full size headphones as well.
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I've owned both. Really tough comparing in ear or over ear, but I'd say they are fairly equal in sound quality. I'd go with whether you really need portable or not. SE535 definitely if you do; the Momentums are big enough in case and lack isolation to the point that I think they're better for around the house listening than portable. Both sound great unamped.

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Guys, what about the psb m4u 2? I just discovered those, so including the psb, do you think
It is any better than the senheiser momentum or the shure se535?
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