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I have been using the AE D1 from my IMAC and another AE D1 from my HP desktop via USB ports with satisfaction. Recently, I bought another D1 for my CD player to connect to the Adam F5. I tried the optical port of the AE D1, it works fine but I have to unplug the optical cable from the AE D1 and plug the optical back to its optical port any time I start to play my CD player.


I tried other AE D1 that I have and I have the same problem. It seems to me that the optical port of the AE D1 a bit larger than it should be. The reason I said that since when I plugged the optical cable to my CD player port, I heard a click and the optical stayed fit. On the AE D1, I did not hear that same "click".


I use my Monster optical cables that I bought at a huge employee discount. AE support seems not be able to figure it out. 


The same optical cables did not give any problem from other devices such as : Apple TV, integrated amp, CD player, Tvs.....just the AE D1.


Does any one have the same issue with the AE D1 ?