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For Sale: FS: Objective 2 Amp (Built by me)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Objective 2 Amp (Built by me)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,


First time posting a classified!


I have on hand 2 1 Objective 2 Amp built by me using JDSLabs PCB boards. Have a all Silver O2 with JDSLab front panel and a All Black O2 with headnhifi front panel. Will take more pics of them at the end of the week with inside shots and all. I have in grand total built around 5 O2s along with a few other DIY amps. All parts are using BOM provided and ordered from mouser and element14(Farnell) so most if not all the parts are the recommended ones.


Both have been tested and works perfectly be it charging/running of DC adapter/running off 9v. Please note that batteries and charger not included. I have also used some hexagon key screws instead of the screws that comes with the enclosure so that the grooves dont wear out, I will find the original screws if ya want them and include em if I can find em if you want.


I wish to sell each at 100USD (edit: or best offer) + Shipping (Buyer pays) + Paypal fees (Buyer pays) /Each. I will most probably use Hong Kong Post which is actually reliable and not that expensive compared to some other countries however I still need to find out how much it will cost me to ship these out after adding sufficient padding/packaging. 


If you live in Hong Kong, I will happily take cash payment in HKD equiv. (780HKD) and either arrange a meeting somewhere.


Do note that a new prebuilt O2 will cost you around 130USD although 2nd hand ones will probably be around 100USD as well (but most of the time without a nice face plate). But yes I probably paid more than 100USD in parts and labour but it was a fun process to build em and its a waste to have them just sit in my drawer :)  


If you need an interconnect and don't mind neutrik rean mini jacks and belden spc plated hook up wire (83005), I will make you one using cardas lead solder and throw it in as a freebie.


Let me know if you guys have any questions via PM or reply here. 


EDIT: Added more pics, and apparently I only lined the black one with some high temperature insulation tape for PCBs, I can line the silver one too but its not really needed and I can remove it from the black one if you dont like it. The legs of components doesnt touch the casing as the O2 was designed for this BK-02 enclosure.


EDIT2: Silver one is sold :)


EDIT3: Both Sold!



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This is my first purchase through head-fi classified too!


I have transferred the money a few minutes back.


I hope this deal works out to our mutual satisfaction.

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Initially I was hesitant about buying this amp since we are based in different countries and I was not sure how shipping and customs clearance will work out.  
To my surprise, the packet sent by HK Post arrived in just 4 working days. 
The amp is in excellent condition and working fine.
Highly recommended.
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In addition, the seller is technically sound and very knowledgeable as he answered all my queries related to this amp.  

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