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Denon AH-D2000 or AKG K701

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I have chance to get one of these for same price. Which one you will choose?
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K701. Hands down.

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There is also AKG K141 silver for 40 eur and AKG K171 for 100 eur here in local adds. So many options to choose smily_headphones1.gif
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I would personally go for the D2000 since it's discontinued, well as long as you get it at a good price.  You can still buy K701/Q701 anywhere. Plus the D2000 will still retain most of its value.

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There's never one answer to these types of questions and I hesitate to just blankly state this headphone is 'better' than that headphone as happens so often on hi fi forums.


It's a question of what kind of sound do you prefer?


These two are very different to each other.


The K701 is analytical and pretty much focused around the top end. It needs a good amp really to drive it well and many find it too toppy. I had one for some time and in the end, I just couldn't settle with its 'mean' bass.


The Denon D2000 is more bass focused. It's semi-closed and is easier to drive. It also has a dual plug. It has a weighty, bass led sound although the treble is still there but not anything like as stinging as the K701. It's not as analytical as the AKG.


I use neither to monitor. They're really not monitoring type headphones, but my preference is for the D2000 basically because they're more 'speaker like' in sound. If you want to analyse sound, then I guess the K701 would be more useful to you. 


So imo, it's a question of your preference for sound and there really isn't one blanket answer.


Since the D2000 is no longer available, can you get the price down? I use mine every day at home because it has this warm, lush sound.

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its also a good idea to realize that the K701 can be suprisingly hard to amp while the D2000 sounds good from almost any amp or no amp at all. So you should consider what equipment u have available.


Also if you really really like strong bass you can do a mod to switch out the D2000 cups with D5000 or D7000 cups. Trust me it makes a world of a difference. But this can come at the price of have uncontrolled bass from time to time.

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I already have Senn HD600 for critical listening,so I will go with Denon than.
Thanks for help!
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I also have an HD600 and in comparison, the Denon has a bigger bass and sounds more extended in the treble.


The K701 sounds a lot more treble rich and seems to have less bass although it does actually go very low. It's just not very pronounced.


The HD600 is an excellent headphone!!


That might give you an idea.

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