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Is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 really the best headphone all over the world? - Page 2

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This is the best headphone ever, it stomps the M50 in every way possible.   (Best is always subjective tho) Still these ARE better biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Mr Kroenig View Post

I know it depends on the style and genre of music you listen to, to which one you buy, so


I most the time listen to rap/hip-hop music, but when in the mood i also listen to classical music, so im pretty omnivorous when its comes to music.

I can't really mention the artists i mostly like to listen to, i can but my taste of music always change, and it also depends on the mood what i listen to. But, to be more detailed, i don't really listen to any douchbag type of music like Lil wayne and the others, if its comes to rap i suggest Jay-z's new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail , Kanye West Yeezus, J.Cole etc. I also like musics like THE BOTS "Northern Lights. Rock? Not really, only just a very few of them. Dubstep? Never really intrested me..Dance/Electro/Techno/Trance, well sometimes,yes.


Also thanks the welcoming



Read this:


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The ATH-M50 after the years that it's been on the market is still one of the best headphones for the price*, unless you really don't like a balanced sound signature. Yeah, the highs measure kinda uneven but the peak (in the mid-treble) and the dip (in the lower treble) are pretty narrow and not that high in amplitude. Personally, it's not enough for me to bother with EQing. I use a FiiO E07K amp/DAC though, so your sound (and your ears) may vary. I remember plugging the M50 straight into my iPod and the treble imbalance was noticeable. "S" sounds and some cymbals/hihats sounded too sharp. The sound is definitely smoother with the E07K. The bass is maybe a couple decibels above what is considered neutral, and the mids are as flat as can be.


To the OP - the highs are definitely not shrill or screaming, though if you're listening out of an iPod or most computers/laptops the aforementioned treble imbalance might bother you. Also, the highs sound smoother after a short break-in period.


*I am assuming a price of $100. MSRP is $159 but it's possible to get the M50 for $100. soundprofessionals.com often puts the M50 on sale. At $159 the M50 has a bit more competition, especially when some $200+ headphones are on sale.

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Originally Posted by mvrk10256 View Post

If by best ever you mean out of $80-120 price range, of closed over ear headphones. 


Sure, probably they are. 

How can that be when the Audio Technica ATH-A900x absolutely destroys the M-50 in every possible way?


The only drawback to the A900x is the AT wing system which is not for everyone.



But the OP of this thread sounds like someone that is attempting to stir up some more sales for his business possibly?rolleyes.gif

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The M50s are just the easiest recommendation for entry level audiophiles, especially with the massive number of people who own them versus other headphones in that price range. They're the jack of all trades, but the master of none. Their v-shaped, warm sound signature is appealing to most people, and it sounds good with many genres of music. You pair that with the price they're asking for, and they're one of the best headphones in that price range.

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I am using the limited edition red ones as I type this. They are my personal favorite because they're easy to use when mobile for an ipod or phone, but also great in the studio. I feel that the bass is very smooth, and the treble doesn't seem sharp to me. The mids can sound a little bit lower, but that's okay. These are great sounding headphones. I can compare them with more expensive sennheisers, bose, etc., but the price I paid for mine was 130.  I have Beats Pro, and to be honest they are pretty heavy, which is a con, but they are built great. They don't sound as bass heavy as some of the other beats but still have some trouble with music clarity.


I will 100% recommend the ath m50, or even the lower priced m40x headphones to anybody interested in a great pair of cans, because I have used these for recording purposes, gaming headphones, mobile use (I have the coiled cable and shortened the straight part of it, so it isn't as long).


hope this helps.

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By the mids sounding lower I meant that they can be recessed at times.

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I know this is an old thread, butp people will be reading this in the future. My ath m50s are hands down the best value for the price. Because I paid 65 new from a friend wink.gif but the sound signature youre talking about reminds me of the sony xb 500 and xb series.
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Some people don't consider it as the best for the price (though I can't think of anything better), even generally without a specific description of what someone is looking for. The V-Moda M100  mentioned is often considered an upgrade to it (but is around twice the price) to answer the OP.

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