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Yea, they need to be charged to work with the audio cable. it sucks. 

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I contacted the customer service and had a long chat with them. It seems that the headphones by design consume battery even though are switched of but connected with the audio cable. This is going to change on the next version of the headphones that will not require this. Unfortunately this change is hardware based so cannot be applied to existing headphones via a software upgrade. 

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I bought the Bluedio R headphones last year and was very happy with them.  Well, this week the battery stopped holding a charge,so I decided to replace them with the new R+ Legend series.


Has anyone else experienced range issues with the R+, or Legend series specifically?  With my previous Black R model, I could set up either my Ipad or Iphone in the house, and walk almost to the outer perimeter of my front yard before getting any dropout with the WiFi connectivity.  These new legends cut out if I walk 4-5 feet from the device I'm connected to.


I'm guessing this pair is defective...I just figured I'd reach out to this forum before replacing with another pair of Legends to see if there are any known range issues.  Maybe I'd be better off getting the standard R+ or even the older R model I previously had?


One other oddball thought - As far as I know, the only difference with these Legends are the finish.  Is there any chance whatever is in the paint to give these their metallic look could actually be hindering the WiFi signal?

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Thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread--your replies have been very helpful.  I'm looking to get a pair of bluetooth headphones for my husband with some reasonable noise isolation properties on a budget.  I've stumbled upon Bluedio R and R+ headphones, after rejecting many other pairs after some careful research.  Due to my limited budget, I have to make do with some negatives in order to have the main desired features, but so far these headphones have the most in terms of features at borderline acceptable price.


Here's my question that some of you may know the answer to: how are the older R (and their Monoprice rebrand) different in terms of sound quality from the newer R+ versions?  In other words, was anything changed in the upgrade process other than switching to Bluetooth 4.0 and adding the non-working APT-X functionality?  


Problem is that my husband has a Windows phone, which currently has no equalizer options for bluetooth-connected headphones (only through wire), and I can't expect him to tweak EQ settings when using them to listen to movies on a Surface tablet.  I'm aware of the too-strong lows, and have read that removing some foam helps (though I wish the photographs linked here still existed in terms of a turorial:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/674551/bluedio-r-bluetooth-4-0-headphones-with-nfc-and-apt-x/75#post_10270010  (they were taken down)).


I can't find any information on whether the base bass/lows on both headphones (R and R+) are basically the same.  R+ seems to have a built-in equalizer for the bluetooth connection, but if the base (lowest) level of low frequencies is approximately the same between the two pairs, then I might as well just save some money and go for the R or the monoprice-branded version currently on sale.


And I hope removing the foam will be sufficient for someone who loves listening to music but is generally content with cheap in-ear headphones (from monoprice) for sound quality.

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Can you please tell me what is the English website where you bought the SPI tool ? Did you manage to make it all work in the meantime? If yes, could you describe the steps you have taken to make it work?


Thank you already very much.



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Hello, the link of the manual is not available anymore. If you click it, you only get the main page of imageshack.

Could you post the manual for the steps in some other way?


Thank you already very much.



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@DrFaust; I get error 404 when I click the images. Are the links not working anymore? Could you put em back up?

Or share the images again somewhere else with other link(s) and post the new links here?


Thank you already very much.


Best regsrds,


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Hello HakanaiSeishin,


I read that you got the PSi tool working. I have a few questions about it as I am interested in using this also for my new R+ that I received today.

My questions are:

- How did you get the PSI tool working?

- What is the download-link for the software? or is it included when you buy the PSI tool?

- Did you get the "aptx streaming" feature working with the PSI tool?

- Do you know a English website that sells the PSI tool?


Thank you already VERY much for the info. I think a lot of people need this info and the PSI tool too.


Best regards,


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Hello to all Bluedio lovers,


I just received my new Bluedio R+ Silver edition today. They sure are nice! I have read everything on this forum about

the "problems" people have with listening to the headphones. Too much bass, too thumpy, too much headache, having

to remove the felt etc.

Indeed, I also found by listening to the default settings that the bass is too much and too thumpy with the mids and highs

too soft in volume compared with the bass. Not very pleasant to listen to, especially for longer time.


BUT...TATA...I have tuned the app on my HTC One that I use (PowerAmp - which I can highly recommend for Android users...) and so I have found settings that I think work out very nice. Now I have much better sound. Still with nice subby bass, but not too thumpy so that it gives headache, because I don't like headache...but I DO like nice fat bass as I listen to Trance/Deep House/ Progressive a LOT!

I have made printscreens of the settings that I now use in Poweramp, like the bass and treble settings and Equalizer settings.

The volume of my HTC One I have cranked up quite a bit, because we need the mids and highs of the Bluedio R+ to come

through a little better. And the bass I have tamed with the equalizer settings while still giving a nice overall bass with the

general bass knob or however you call the knob. All is made clear in the 2 pictures. I have shared it with all of you so

that your experience with the Bluedio R+ will be a pleasant one. I enjoy my music VERY much now with these settings.


I have even uploaded the two pictures to my personal livedrive and created share-links so that you can download them as well:


Bass/Treble settings picture:



Equalizer settings picture:


I also feel I don't have to remove the felt anymnore with these settings as I can hear more clearly the mids and highs

of the very decent tweeters that were build in these babies. Yeah...it really sounds nice now the way I want it...!!

I don't like to remove the felt as I am afraid I will ruin my beautiful headphones...and also the warranty will be void if I do so...


So that's why I thought there has to be a better way. I will share my thought process here with you: there are 8 decent

speakers build in the Bluedio R+. With 2 woofers and 6 tweeters in total. I reckoned that the speakers must be good enough

to come through the felt. Only, when you put up the volume with the default settings, the bass is headache giving...just

too much...even for me ...and believe me,...I LOVE bass...! So I thought: let's try to tame the bass so that I can crank the volume up and make the tweeters work harder so that the sound can come through the felt that's on them...(or so I read in this forum)


So I started to tweak the settings of my music app in Android - PowerAmp Pro..!! This app has really nice settings to tune your sound and it will be all you need to play your music...And that's what I did. I tuned it and tuned it untill it sounded nice...and believe me:

It SOUNDS NICE NOW !! I am listening to the Bluedio R+ as I write this and I have a nice big smile on my face - haha:atsmile:




Boy, am I happy that I bought the Bluedio R+ Legend 8 Track Revolution headphones. I really love em now !!! I am addicted now to the sound it gives...hahaha...really FAT SOUND !!:beyersmile:


You can of course adjust the settings a bit according to your likings as music is always a personal matter...;-) Perhaps lower the bass a bit more or perhaps lower the highs a bit more. Also, you can set your preferred EQ on the R+ itself by pressing the Volume + and - buttons simultaneously. Go through the 5 EQ settings of the R+ AFTER setting PowerAmp up like in my pictures. And so chose your preferred EQ setting of the headphone. That's it! It should sound pretty Ok now! Like I wrote: I have the volume of my HTC almost all the way up, because the tweeters need good signals so

that they can be boosted. Also , the volume in Poweramp I have pretty high as I like to be able to set the end volume with the headphone Vol. buttons and this way I make sure enough signal is send to the headphone...;-) (Sometimes I think I am brilliant - hehe)


Please let me know if you like my findings and if you like the sound of the R+ now...I would appreciate it...


I wish you Lots of Pleasure listening to the Bluedio R+ !!:beerchug:


Best regards,

John - developer Fisher Roulette Software (+ system engineer + sound engineer)

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Are the Bluedio R+ exactly the same as these Monoprice Premiums? - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Monoprice-Premium-Bluetooth-Hi-Fi-Headphones/dp/B00GFCH8JI/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_i

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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden View Post

Are the Bluedio R+ exactly the same as these Monoprice Premiums? - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Monoprice-Premium-Bluetooth-Hi-Fi-Headphones/dp/B00GFCH8JI/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_i

No, the Monoprice version is a rebadge of Bluedio's R, which uses bluetooth 3.0.  I actually just got those yesterday (the monoprice / bluedio R in white).  First thing I did was remove the foam over the drivers.  So far so good, especially wtih an equalizer.

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@moidebe :What email adress you used?in other words: what is the email adress of Bluedio support?


I have tried to email support@bluedio.com with the problem I have connecting to Windows 7, but I got a daemon

error indicating that this email adress is not in use.


Thanks already for the info. If you happen to have knowledge about connecting the R+ to Windows 7, then

I would appreciate it if you could enlighten me a bit. Everything appears to be installed correctly. I have a

new bluetooth 4.0 dongle. I set the headphone in discoverable mode by pressing MF button once so that

red/blue is flashing. But I keep getting an error that the R+ cannot be connected...hmmmmm....very frustrating...:confused_face(1):


Anyone? Any solution for this bluetooth connection problem under Windows 7? (see pictures)










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My older dongle didn't work at all. I think it was an old standard bluetooth 2.0 or even earlier.  I got a replacement dongle with a Broadcom chip (Bluetooth 4.0), and after installing the drivers/software, everything connected without any issues--on Windows 7. Which dongle are you using?  I got an ASUS one.  According to monoprice reviews of their BT 4.0 dongle, it works well with the monoprice Bluedio R rebadge (which is what I have).  Have you checked that your BT4 drivers are installed properly and are up to date?  There's generally a warning to uninstall all previous bluetooth drivers and software first.

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Has Anyone considered the Philips Fidelio M1BT?





Might be the end game bluetooth headphones out there right now.



on ear design for outdoor/gym 

bluetooth 4.0

aptX !!!!

8 hours listening time

....and actually decent sound quality !!!



still very hard to find a good price on these for people at N.America but hopefully will be more available and price friendly soon.

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Do you guys know how to adjust the initial volume of sd card music permanently? thanks

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