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V-Moda Crossfade M-100

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Hi this is going to be my first headphone review please constructive criticism is welcomed. I am not an audiophile, i prefer to call myself an audio enthusiast but i am a pure basshead (i love bass, but i want clean textured bass that is reproduced nicely and does not leak into the mids) With that said lets begin.


Unboxing/Packaging :

Packing is excellent, "Clean" packaging important information is clearly labeled. Contents on the side and various features. Only grip would be that specs are not clearly shown only Frequency response is shown not impedance (although low listed as 32 ohms).

Price: MSRP: 310USD (240 Euros)





-Exoskeleton Hard Case

-1-button speak easy Cable

-Shareplay Audio Cable

-1/4' 24k Audio Adapter

-Various Documentation 





1-Button Cable (Compatible with apple & andriod)

Nice simple cable with one button, on apple devices your standard play/pause, track skipping. On andriod without the Jays app for one buttons will only play and pause. Tangle free (although not stated on the box) kelvar fabric cable with gold plated jacks.



Shareplay Cable (audio splitter buit-in)

Another nice cable, same as before kevlar fabric cable but without mic, this time it comes with an buit-in audio splitter that has a groove so you can hook it to the cable for mangement. Very nice cable can be used as a blank AUX cable.



Exoskeleton Hard Case:

Very nice stealthy hard case will protect your cans well not that they need protection they are really built like an tank. two comparments to hold your cables and the 1/4 audio adapter.



Sound Quality:

Time to dive right in to the sound quality, note i will not be able to give you a great impression of these as i am not an audiophile i could at best tell you if these are the right cans for you, with that said lets begin.



Here is where my inner basshead starts jumping for joy these headphones are basshead cans let no one fool you. The bass is clean and very well textured not boomy (clean kick/slam) and fluffy.Extends very well down the spectrum, very nice reproduction.

only gripe would be that if you listen to jazz or classical the bass overpowers the track bass that was suppose to create tempo is loud and abnoxious this is not for Jazz or Classical its gear more toward Rap, hip hop, techno, electronica, rock



A part of the spectrum that i am not able to fully understand, the vocals feel "alive" as if they were brought forward but thats as far as i am able to review.



Another part i am not very good in reviewing but the show must go on, Has a "sparkle" to it but is sharp cymbal crashes hurt my

ears but other than that its not bad.


Headphone Features: Dual inputs (3.5mm) for daisy chaining

Amped: Not a power hungry headphone IMO but with the FiiO E11 with bass boost the bass becomes ever so slightly boomy i                   leave it at one an it is amazing


Final Rating: 9/10  -Sure recommendation if you an basshead and you want to wet your appetite with basshead cans, but if you                                  are a person who wants true to the track sound you might find better alternative.

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Your review is not bad. Keep it up bro! I assume you reviewed them out of the box without burn in. Try to put a separate review after burn them in, which would take about 100 hours using pink noise. Also, don't forget the comfort of these headphones. You'll be fine with future reviews. Hope this helps. smily_headphones1.gif

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Hey thanks man :), yup was planning to add burn in after but i read that burn in is very controversial so i kinda wanted to leave it out. thanks for reminding me about comfort will add that along with the Post burn in sound

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