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Hello all..... care to lend a hand?

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Hello everyone I am new to the forum and am hoping to get some help on a small project. Over the next few months I plan on doing some work to both my helmet and my motorcycle both of which I will need some advice on sound devices. If you guys could point me in the right direction on where to start that'd be wonderful. For the helmet I have been working on fabricating one of my old helmets with some cheap 15 buck over ear headphones that are roughly the same size as the dre beats the reason I went with this size was since beats are well known (even if for the wrong reasons) so size wise it would be easy to explain. So I am looking for suggestions on headphones to install in my primary and spare/passenger helmet . The second part of this project is installing some small wireless speakers more of a because I can then needing to sound the best. I have an LED kit that I am installing on my bike that can be controlled from my droid phone and will sync with music that I play from my phone and the LED lights will dance according to the music playing. I got the idea to install speakers when me and some friends where out at a bike night and a buddy pilled put his beats pill and started playing some music. I figured my bike has the real estate on its gauge cluster (2012 zx14r if it helps that you see the cluster) that I could cut out some small holes dismantle the pill and install it guts and all just for the novelty of my bike playing music and its LEDs dancing to the beat. So for this I ask if there is something I can do similar to a dre pill (blue tooth small and even better able to connect straight to my bikes battery) even if its buying separate components some small speakers that'd hook up to some sort of blue tooth device to achieve this without having to buy something like dre pill and gutting it. If that'd be my only option I can fabricate a way of charging it off my bike but would like to know of something better than a pill just to show off heh. So any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Koss KSC75s are small, inexpensive and sounds alright. Those are pretty popular with the DIY guys.


It seems you also want some kind of small speaker. I assume you don't have experience designing your own speakers? If so, a small logitech speaker setup could work. The power output is going to be your main problem. What kind of power can you expect from your bike battery? 

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Thanks for the input. To answer your questions no I don't have experience making speakers but could be fun to look into. On the power output side my battery puts out 12-13 volts fully charged and the bike puts out 14.1 when running but due to my exhaust being as loud as it is don't think running while doing this will work out to well. I beleave its 350 amps I however don't know how to calculate wattage suppose in the morning I can yank the battery and test it.
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Those logitech/other brand speakers don't need all that much power. 100W will power anything you'll buy


I do believe mouser stocks a few speakers

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