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Lost my vsonic vc-02 looking for replacement

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Hello all, I recently lost my beloved vsonic VC-02 and i am looking for something to replace it with. In the past I have had the Sennheiser CX-200 which was my first step up from awful skullcandys. I currently listen to Porta pros at home and i like them, they are not the best but they are fun to listen to. I think I am looking for more bass than my VC-02 and have found some replacement options. Meelectronics A151, Astrotec AM-90 or vsonics GR-02 bass. I usually listen to classic rock and folk rock like Bob Dylan, but there are other times when I enjoy things like dubstep. 

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I think these are some good choices along side the VC02: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/?model_search=&headphone_price1=&headphone_price2=75&average_rating1=7.7&average_rating2=10&sound_rating1=7.4&sound_rating2=10&build_rating1=4&build_rating2=5&isolation_rating1=0&isolation_rating2=5&comfort_rating1=4&comfort_rating2=5&microphone_rating1=0&microphone_rating2=4.5&accessibility_rating1=0&accessibility_rating2=5

You have good options selected that are also on that chart. The AM-90 will obviously be less "bassy" than the GR02 BE. Both are good options with the AM-90 sounding a bit lighter at the low end, but it responds well to an eq I have heard. The GR02 will have more bass impact stock and get a little more of that rumble. The treble is also smoother on the AM-90 while more energetic & bright on the GR02. I would put the AM-90 over the A151 though they are somewhat similar. I've compared them in reviews that I read. Both might be a very slight downgrade in sound to the VC02 but better bass.

These two might be closer to what you are looking for sound wise with better bass: the R02 Silver Wire/Silver Edition, which are $49 on LendMeUrEars & eBay, and the GR06 seems to fit the bill for you as well at $65 the same places...

Those are all 4 good options IMO. I don't know what your budget is though. Since the VC02 are around $49, I assumed maybe a little higher but not too much. I would read Joker's reviews on each of them in the 290 multi iem thread to compare. Anyone who has any personal experience with these phones can chime in, as I do not yet. Though my Astrotec AM-90 should be coming in today! Hope all this helps some!
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yeah i'm looking to spend around the same maybe a bit more than my VC-02. I just don't want to spend to much and then just lose them in six months, yet the cheap earbuds i have seem to stick around haha. I was thinking about the GR02 but didn't know which to consider. the new Vsonic VSD1 has caught my eye though and people have been saying great things about it. Thanks for the help, looks like ill have another Vsonic in the future! 

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I listen to dubstep a lot too as well as alternative, rock, and folk. Sounds like a good choice! Yes, the VSonic VSD1 are impressing lots of people lately and may well be a better choice than the GR06 or any of the GR02 variants. I think you would be happy with most of the VSonic choices since the VSD1, GR06, VC02, and R02 Silver are about on the same SQ level(with the GR02 BE a little less) but of course each one unique... I just got my Yamaha EPH-100 & AM-90 yesterday; both of them are sweet. The EPH-100 have a ton of tight, clean bass with a lot of low end rumble as well. They are awesome to say the least. Good luck man!
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