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For Sale:

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hi everyone, 


I have a pair of HE-500 for sale. I ordered these on March 18th 2013 off Amazon (though hifiman). These headphones are in perfect pristine condition (I took very good care of them). 


I'm still debating whether or not I should keep them, but as of lately I haven't had the time to listen to them as much as I can. I figure they will be of better use in a different home.


It'll come with the HiFiMan box case, the HE-500 with "leather" pads, a spare unused velour pads, extra connectors, velvet bag, and silver cable.


Price is $SOLD$ Shipped/paypal-ed throughout CONUS. I'll ship them with USPS priority in the original box I received them in.


If you're willing to pay for the shipping cost of another package, I can throw in another pair of unused velour pads,  gently used pair of  "leather" pads, and a gently used pair of velour pads. I would have tried to fit all of these in the box, but the box is a bit too tight to fit all the extra pads.


I can ship the pads with standard shipping if you don't mind, or priority with the HE-500. 



If you guys have any questions please feel free to pm me!


Thank you

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