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Dt1350 is closer to those.
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moe doesn't clamp tight... wearing glasses after putting on headphones wont bother you

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Thanks folks. I kinda suspected the MOE's wouldn't do the job as they're closed back cans. Hmm, perhaps Grado SR80i's might be the direction I need to go in. Or IEM's maybe but that's a minefield of choice.
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The px 100ii are amazing for the price .These phones are not as good imho

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Is the p3 worth for $200?
A frnd of mine is selling it. Decent sound.
Dunno hw it compares to p7.
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Not even a little. The P7 is soooooo much better.
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p3 is less detailed compared to moe

p3 has laid back sound

bass benifits with moe

vocals benifit with p3

treble is good on moe


moe is not neutral.. its brighter one with extended punchy bass without crazy recessed mids


moe is also avalable @ $200


p7 is wayyy better sounding one

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given a choice between moe and p7, which wld be the winner hands down considering all aspects like mids, treble, soundstage, bass, etc?


which of these can be easily driven without amp source being ipod,ipad?

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winner is p7

moe is easily driven as overear always require an amp to shine but p7 do decent job without an amp

p7 costs $400

you can get momentum over ear at $300..

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I wouldn't say that the MOE really needs an amp to shine, like most headphones it does better with an amp IF the source is not able to deliver the maximum load of 200mw the P7 with a max load of only 50mw has surely an advantage here. But again, it depends on your source, the momentum was build with a remote for an iPhone, it can be driven just fine with it 18 Ohm vs. 22 Ohm on the P7. If you use other phones, it really depends on how powerful their internal amps are. 

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yeah if built amp is not powerful for these... you'll hear improvement with amp...

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Just scored a pair of these for almost half off.


As background, I'm an audiophile wannabe but not an audiophile purist, ie, I want the best sound possible but don't feel it necessary to keep buying gear to get to that final 10/10th. As such, over last few years I've built a nice stereo rig for playing vinyl, with some digital source material. Playing classic rock, I'm 56, though have some Silversun Pickups and Porcupine Tree mixed in, 50's/60's jazz and a little classical.


Looks like living on the road till end of year for 2 projects, 1 near Pitt and other near White Plains NY. So need to start digitizing my vinyl and building a library for playing thru portable headphone based rig. Just bought the Momentum On-Ear cans as a start. Next need a portable headphone amp and dac.



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i don't know what the price in your country , but in my country moe price and p7 price is a big different around 200us , it is a reasonable that p7 needs to be better , also p7 is more easy drive compare to moe , if with a amp , p7 is still better but not moe was not very far away, everyone listen to different artist , we can't actually direct compare because different songs , players , cables....a lot of different variables , some people maybe being too offensive , saying that headphone sucks , worse than a 50us headphone. try your own always the best choice to undsrstand the earphone
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Decided to pick these up, tired of lugging around amps and having huge headphones around my neck all the time.  Plus I accidentally broke my Beyerdynamic DT990s so I used that as an excuse to myself to buy a new set of cans.


Too me they sound like a very refined pair of Beats.  They have pretty nice style to them, emphasized bass.  Every part of the music seems to still come through the bass.  The treble isn't sharp which is a nice change from my two pairs of Beyers.  Seem decently comfortable for being an On-Ear.


Still I feel a lot of the cost went towards materials and less toward sound.  Don't get me wrong they sound great but I'd much rather see these priced at the $150-175 mark.


Bonus:  you can slide an HD-5x8 cable into the socket (it won't twist lock though) so I can choose a few different cables.

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I purchased a set of the Ivory for my wife over the holiday's. She uses them mostly at the gym, today she asked if there are replacement pads available. I checked Senn site but did not see any, sites a little convoluted. Anyone have a link or even know if there available? thx in advance.

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