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Buying some portable new equipment

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Hey guys im new to this site however it looks awesome. I was just wondering on a few things. I was going to buy some new headphones and i was looking at the Sennheiser momentum or the sennheiser ie 80's. Im having trouble deciding. i know both a really good :) and also pricey :( the momentum are a 100 more than the ie 80 however. As well i was looking to buy the fiio 11 as a portable amp. Ill be playing all this through a samsung s3, i know this is the not the best way but that's what i have and  because of the money ill be already spending ill hold of a DAP for now. But was looking at the ipod classic. Please help all suggestions are welcome. Im i making the right decisions?

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Also i had the klipsch s4 before this and they were amazing however i broke the connector and i fear ill do the same with the ie 80's even though they are detachable for the ie 80 i wouldnt know where to get a new cable and the momentum are a bit big to carry around, thats my fault it them, however they have two cables with it.

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Haven't tried the IE 80's so don't know about them, but the Momentums are phenomenal for just about any genre and to me well worth the price and slightly bulky case.

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The IE80s are awesome, that is all i can say.

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Is it a good idea to play all this through a Samsung s3? I have pretty good software on it to play music.
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I'm just wondering if iPod classic is a good DAP... I have a Sony Z1050, and I'm thinking to switch to the ipod, cuz there are much more space for my lossless music files. By the way, is the iPod classic sufficient for the HD598's? If not, is there some amps (probably under $150, for a used) that works fine?

Thx head-fiers:) 

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Hey from what i know the fiio e11 is a really good amp and will make your HD598 sound even more amazing. But question where do you get your lossless music from? I have been looking and cant kind a source?  Also about the ipod classic, i am not a fan boy of apple by any stretch of the imagination but from the reviews i have read on this site, it sounds good, as well as i had one a very long time ago and the big storage space really comes in handy.

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I play music with my GS3 but my notebook  (HP Probook 4410s) sounds better. This is a basic notebook with a Soundmax/intel audio chip. I'm a little disappointed because the S3 has a wolfsten chip.


For my S3, I currently use PowerAmp with Noozxoide processor. The sound is just o.k. What setup are you using with your S3? I plan to get an E11 soon. I'm also thinking about getting the Sansa Clip player.

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I use player pro as my music player, and i think its excellent as it gives me a full sound board i can play with to get the best sound as well there are a lot of setting to play itr was well ( personally think its the best player on android). I have klipsch s4 right now. But as u can see from above im looking for a massive up grade.

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I tried playerpro trial version before. Does the paid version have the ability to integrate with Noozxodize?

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i wouldnt know sorry. im going to try noozxodize however see whats it about.

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Make sure to bypass the direct volume control of playerpro and that you are using the noozxodize one once you install and change to the required setting for music as listed on their google play page.

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