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Setup for AK100

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Hi Friends,
I have been thinking of getting the AK100.
The AK100 (as I read) have a 22 Ohms Output Impedance which I undertand may cause some headphones to sound not good,
My Rig is the Beyer 770 80 Ohm + the AOL's the National. My player is the Cowon S9. (which I attend to replace with the AK100).
Will my set up (AMP+ HEADPHONES) will work good with the AK100 playing 1624bit / 24bit files ?
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get the Fiio X3 with true line out and still have money left for a pair of decent iem

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What do you mean by true line out?
Ain't the  Wolfson WM8740 suppose to be top of the line compared to other DACs?
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Hi, I am just a consumer and dont know much about the technicality of all these, but I did own AK100 and currently using X3. AK100 only has phone out and optical out, whereas X3 has phone, line and coaxial out. They both employ the same DAC WM8740 and which is quite common now in cell phones, portable dac and DAP.

I presume you would want to continue to use the ALO portable amp as your setup, thus based on my personal experience, the X3 line out seems to be better when pairing with amps. If you dont mind waiting, you may also wait for ibasso dx50 since you are willing to spend enough for a AK100.


AK100 has a better user friendly firmware, can be used as a usb dac, and an optical out which gives you scalability to upgrade with higher end portable dac/amp. X3 wins on low price, drive wide range of iem and has a line out for portable amp.as standalone player, they are around the same in sound quality. (Joking) if you dont spend as much as a Dx100/ak120, or carry around triple stack , it is not head fi! biggrin.gif



I think it is best to demo these units beforehand.

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thanks for your input.
I wasn't aware of the ibasso dx50, it looks amaizing.
Any other thoughts out there?
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Will appreciate more info on the 22 Ohms Output Impedance and what does it mean to work with an 80 Ohm headphones.

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It seems that the dx50 specs were updated today.


The Screen is changed from 2.31" TFT to 2.4" IPS TFT
The retail price will be in the 235~270USD range.
Estimated launch date: Aug 20th, 2013
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I would'nt recommend the X3 or the X5. I had an X3 and it was a pain to try and use the device. It keep locking up on me after every third song or sometimes after the first song. Yes I did all the firmware updates, used the correct formatted SD cards and I still had to do a reset that is located on the top of the device. Amazon has about a 50% 5 star rating for this device, but it seems that a few of us got either a bad device or a bad shipment as there are several buyers who have had the same issues. I have heard the X5 is just as buggy.

I love FiiO's potable amps and think they are really great products for the price. I have five of them and would recommend any of them to potential buyers. They are very well priced and constructed devices. I have not had any issues with them at all, but the X3 I sent back as the problem started in January and progressed until mid March when surprisingly enough, Amazon gave me a refund on this item. I just do not think these are ready for market yet. The issues seemed to be with the SD card. If you delegated the sample file and put about two albums in Flac format on the device, it seemed to not hang up. But what good is a 7 gig player.

I ended up buying the expensive AK 100 and it sound ten times better than the X3 . It also does have a line out contrary to what posters are saying. It uses the headphone jack with a small optical plug. I ordered an Audioquest optical cord last week and plugged this into my small Tube amp and it was able to play my Beyerdynamic T-70's (250ohm) without any issues. The EQ is still active and I am sure the DAC was as well. I have sent Iriver a support email to confirm if the DAC is still active, but it sounded as if it was. Also the volume knob on the device does nothing when hooked up with the optical link, so it is bypassing the onboard amp. I have to use the volume control on the tube amp and it doesn't have a DAC built into it, but it sounds crystal clear and shows the file playing at the proper bit rate of 24/196 on the screen.
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