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Newbie seeking comfortable budget earphones/IEMs

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Hey, everyone! This is my first post biggrin.gif
Thanks to whoever can help me out, I really appreciate it.

I'm looking for a pair of earphones/IEMs that will give me bang for my buck: my budget is around $25 or less. I'm no audiophile, but I do like good sound. Comfort and durability are my top priorities, I want an earphone I can sleep with comfortably and will last at least six months, as my last two earphones (Skull Candy and generic Apple) broke in about a month each. I mostly listen to punk, rock, and electronica. After spending about half an hour researching, I found that there were two "budget categories" that I was looking at: ~$15 and ~$25. I narrowed down to my top two in each category, and I want to know which gives me the most bang for buck overall, or which is the best.

$15 and under:
Panasonic RPHJE120K
JVC Riptidz

$25 and under:
MEElectronics M9
JVC FX67 Air Cushion

Thanks again!
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Hello fellow new person to this forum! Lol. I decided I guess I better join since I am on here quite a bit. Sorry your earphones broke, but I am happy you strayed away from those awful Apple ear buds and Skull Candy. I am no audiophile either but I have been researching iems a lot lately(maybe 100+ hours in the past week or two). Nevertheless, hopefully I can help you out some.


My 1st choice:

I feel that based on your music selection and needs you might want to look at the VSonic GR99, which are $26 shipping included on eBay right now. They are supposed to be really good for the price. A warm sounding iem that is a little bass oriented but also clear and not recessed in the mids, somewhat laid-back treble compared to higher end VSonics, and comfortable. They come with a great selection of tips for the price, and they look cool IMO. Solid construction as well.



Another option are the Philips SHE3580 or 90 for around $7-15 on Amazon depending on the color... they have gotten great reviews here on Head-Fi and are supposed to be better than the JVC Riptides or Panasonic RPHJE120K for most individuals. Durable, and pretty comfortable if they fit your ears well. They have been considered bassy but also have great clarity and tend towards the popular V-signature. Impressive sound for the money, but you have to get the seal right to reach their potential. Some complaints about microphonics if you will be moving around a lot.



Also another option are the Philips CitiScape Underground for $18 dollars on Amazon(originally $49.99), but I don't know too much about them. They look cool, and have magnetic housings for easy storage. I would guess they have warm balanced signature like the rest of the CitiScape collection with a slight tendency towards bass. I'm sure the comfort and durability are on par with the rest of the collection as well. I have the CitiScape Uptown headphones, which have been great for me!


You can find reviews on the GR99s, M9s, and FX67s in Joker's 290 iem multi-review thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-290-iems-compared-earsonics-sm64-added-07-23-13-p-735 **Use Ctrl F/Command F for search function to find the reviews quicker**


*I would've recommended the JVC HA-FX40s and the Monoprice 8320s, but they aren't supposed to be as comfortable as the ones I mentioned. And the JVC HA FX 101s are basshead iems.*


The ones I have mentioned would probably be a better choice for you than your ones at the top, but it is also personal preference. I would check out the reviews of the ones you mentioned, then the ones I mentioned. Again all this if from information on this site. I don't think you would be disappointed with the GR99 or SHE3580 not too sure about the sound on the CitiScape Undergrounds. The review for the SHE3580s isn't out yet on Jokers thread but it is in the upcoming part at the bottom of his post. I'm curious what the sound score will be as well as the other sections... 


All of those are definitely bang for your buck choices, with great sound, comfort, and build quality. Hope this helped!

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SHE 3590

Sweet and heavy but crisp Bass..clean mids and highs....great all rounder...

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