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Best Open Over-Ear Headphones Under $300?

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I am looking for a pair of full size open headphones. I listen primarily to hip hop , rock, and reggae. I will not be using an amp. I currently have Sennehsier Momentums, which I enjoy for hip hop, but the sound stage is simply too closed in for a lot of the rock I listen too. The fit is also too small and gets uncomfortable pretty quickly without care full placement and fiddling.
I don't care for the elevated bass in the Momentums, because I find it masks the vocals a bit too much. I listened to some HD598's and really enjoyed the sound, but the cable is too long to easily walk around the house with.
Essentially I am looking for a pair that fit all of these criteria:
1. Open-Back (Or closed with a large soundstage)
2. Can be run directly out of an HTC One X
3. Has slightly elevated bass and mids (Think HD598 with a little more bass, or Momentums with a little less)
5. Costs under $300
Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hmmm, you're kinda limiting yourself a bit by needing it to run straight out of an HTC One X.  That will rule out the higher end Sennheisers and Beyers.  From my experience, the Audio Technica AD900 is a bit bass light, but I heard that Audio Technica fixed that problem and that the AD900x is supposedly more balanced with more bass.  The Philips Fidelio X1 are suppose to be quite bass heavy for open headphones, and have an impedence of 30, so that might be more suitable to be ran unamped.

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I went on Sennheisers website, and in the part finder section it lists a "Short Replacement Cable for HD5X8 Series Part# US5X8SHORTCABLE
Short replacement cable for HD518, HD558, HD598". Does anybody have any experience with this cable? Is it 3.5mm? If its reasonably short I might just buy the HD598 and the replacement cable.
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I would suggest the PSB M4U1! exactly what you are looking for if not, the AKG K550


Billson :)

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I'd say the Fidelio X1 - unbeatable bass for an open headphone within your price range - or maybe the MA900 if you enjoyed the 598.

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