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For Sale: Sony MDR-R10 Bass Heavy

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-R10 Bass Heavy

Will Ship To: US

Offered here are my Sony MDR-R10s.  These have been re-cabled to balanced with a 4-pin termination.  The company who did the job was SinglePower but I have had no issues.  The cable is a bit stiff, but manageable.  It is 12 ft. long.  The stiffness of the cable probably caused the strain relief to crack near the phones (see pics).  The cable is supposedly some kind of silver, space grade stuff.


There are also a few blemishes as you can see from the pics.


Despite the flaws, these are really amazing headphones.  n3rdling has told me several times that they are the best that he has heard and I concur.  I have owned 4 pairs through the years and these are the best.  They are bass heavy, but that is a relative term for R10s.


An extra set of pads will be included in the sale. 


Reason for sale is to recoup some cash.


Price is $5850 plus shipping and fees.

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Shout out to one of the most rare and arguably the BEST headphone ever made.
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To own this I would have to sell my HD650, HD800, LCD3, STUDIO Pro Detox, FA-011 Limited Edition and I would still be $2000-2500 short.


BUMP for a legend of a headphone!

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Lcd3+hd800+woo audio wes
Or sony mdr r10...
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Originally Posted by headphones1999 View Post

Lcd3+hd800+woo audio wes
Or sony mdr r10...

Even assuming used those number don't add up, and the WES would have . . . trouble, driving an HD800 or LCD-3.

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Okay okay,
So i will take the mdr r10 wink.gif
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Hmmmm ...
3x WW or 1x Porsche smily_headphones1.gif
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Wow. Just wow.

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Don't see this everyday folks.
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