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Monoprice 8320s are on the way out, need replacements..are they still the kings of cheap?

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Ok so I think finally its time to get rid of my 8320s. I really like the should but they have started so shock me slightly on the right ear from some reason. Also Ive never really been able to get them to fit me ear right. Ive tried multiple different tips and its always the same thing. I can get them to stay for a little while, but after a bit they start slipping out break the seal and start to sound flat. 


So basically my question is are there any other IEMS out there that are fairly cheap, I don't mind spending a bit more for better quality. lets say keep it under 50..possible? Or will I not see a big improvement in sound quality over the 8320 and just get another pair of those......


I like bass a lot, but I also like the music to be fairly clear as well....so I don't mind sacrificing some bass to get clarity...I know at this price range getting both is probably asking too much.....

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Bass and clarity is not asking too much! Check out the JVC FX40s, exactly what you're looking for. Wayy more bass than the 8320s but without sacrificing any clarity.


That being said I do still feel that the 8320s are the kings of cheap depending on your preferred sound signature. 


My personal feelings of best budget buys by sounds signature:

Neutral: 8320

V Shaped: FX40

Neutral with slight enhanced bass: 3580


I haven't personally tried them so I can't comment but Sony MH1Cs and LG Quadbeats are also supposed to be tremendous values.

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I do like the signature of the 8320s and the bass is ok. the real problem is they don't stay in my ears. Its also erratic, sometimes I can put them is and they will stay for as long as I want, but once I pull them out for something and put them back in they slip. Then sometimes they sound pretty good for 10 or 15 minutes then start slipping out and sound like crap. 


Plus I figured for a little more money maybe I can get a bit of a step up, but I don't know...those ones you said look good. the Fx40s though may suffer from the same issue as the 8320s as they seem like a shallow IEM too.


I also somehow ran across a comparison to the Sony MH1Cs and they look decent too?


any thoughts?

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The FX40s fit in my ear wayyyy better. They don't fall out as easily as the 8320s. However, I'd consider the SQ a sidegrade as opposed to upgrade. They both sound good but just different.


I haven't tried the MH1C but it has gotten lots of good reviews around here. I would also check out the LG Quadbeat if I were you.

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I think I may have run across the MH1Cs while looking at the quad beats and I think I decided that between the two the MH1C would be more to my liking. Ill take a look though. 

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I was looking for a good budget earphone recently, but didn't want to go with the HA-FX40 or 8320 for fear of comfort issues. Also, as stated above, the Philips SHE3580/3590 are supposed to be good budget king earphones and easier to fit/more comfortable than the Monoprice or JVC for most individuals. Not everyone's ears are identical of course...
The SHE3590/80 are considered to be v-shaped and have good clarity/sound for the price. I just ordered a pair of purple ones off Amazon from Ocean Reef Electronics or something like that for $0.01+$3.93shipping. That's right, 1¢ lolol. They should be arriving late this week/early next week.

Also heard great things about the Sony MH1C, but the others mentioned here are all < $20 whereas the MH1C are a bit more at $40+ on eBay(almost 11x more than the SHE3590s I just bought). I'm sure they are great for their price just like these others.
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Philps SHE 3590 are the new KING O CHEAPIES

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^ Agreed/reaffirmed
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Got mine for 6 bucks on special...so i got 2 pairs...
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Nice! I'm sure they will be worth they 4 dollars I spent on them, if they fit my ears that is... which they should
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Well, for a v-curved budget king, I guess that will have to go to the 3590s, hands-down. They're a lot of fun IMHO. Plus, they fit all of my family members' ears without changing the tips or anything, which is great.

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I second the philips she3590.

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So what you can get these baby's at CVS? I may go grab a pair today then.....


I still wouldn't mind hearing the MH1cs, or even the FX40s, though, but I can wait for the right deal on a pair of those. For 10 or 15 bucks the Phillips seem like the deal. 

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The insane scooped out mids of the FX40 made them both unlistenable, and so drastic that I couldn't fix it with an EQ. However, if you can somehow ignore that, sound quality is excellent.
I've got a Philips SHE3590 and SHE3575 and they are recommended.
If you are willing to spend $25, I love the Vsonic GR99 best. An even smaller V shape than the SHE3590, the GR99 splits the EQ difference between the 8320 and the SHE3590. Get them both and then use some extra hybrid tips from the GR99 to improve the mediocre sound of the SHE3590 when using its stock tips.
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ok just got the she3590s from CVS, so far Im not seeing it....tell me they open up after some burn in. So far they sound very tight, a little thin and the vocals are recessed. I am definitely tell the clarity's there though. 

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