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Cary SLP05 Preamplifier

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Does anyone have experience with this preamp in their system?  What are thoughts about the headphone amp section?  I am considering changing my present set up of separate preamp and headphone amp to incorporate this model/


Thanks for any thoughts.

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Such a great preamp at least by reputation.  No one actually using one?

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I am using it as a headphone amp. Very pleased.  I have had a number of headphone amps and this is far and away the best. Exceptional sound stage and clarity.  Tube rolling has a lot of degrees of freedom.  So many that it is an on going challenge.

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There is a bit more to the story.  My set up is  Mac Mini -> Gungnir -> Cary SLP05 (Tung Sol VT231, RCA VT231) -> Mjolnir. From the Gungnir forward all connections are balanced Kimber Hero cables.  By adjusting the gain between the Cary and the Mjolnir I can add or subtract the warmth of the VT231s. The downside is I have a longer signal path but the SLP05 and Mjolnir are both exceptionally quite so it seems to work out.  For HD800s I use more Cary gain than I use with LCD3s.  I  use the Cary headphone out for single end listening but in general I prefer the balanced/Mjolnir combination.

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I replaced the Mjolnir with a Inspire IHA 1 (Designed and built by Dennis Had) (with balanced inputs). If you own an SLP05 and you listen to headphone, the SLP05/IHA1 is a great combination. Best I have heard at any price.

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