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Abyss AB-1266 Appreciation Thread  

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Being a new headphone at the time of this thread's creation, there appear to be no appreciation threads for the wonderful Abyss AB-1266 headphone. I'd thought I might create a thread for this headphone.


There are obviously a variety of options for amp (and even cable) pairings for this headphone.


Abyss AB-1266 owners, please share any experiences and recommendations...

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Lawd! It has started...


Calling MuppetFace, the only other owner of the Abyss. LOL.

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Originally Posted by M-13 View Post

Lawd! It has started...


Calling MuppetFace, the only other owner of the Abyss. LOL.


D'oh! lol

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Heard a bunch of headphones today at a show. My personal comments:


Sennheiser HD800 - Good, detailed, but the overall balance was not to my taste.
AKG Q701 - A touch of greatness for not a lot of cash ... what value for money! I might buy a pair! [Edit: I did.]
Abyss - The best headphones I've ever heard. Surely near perfection from top to bottom, erm, frickin' amazing (except the price ... ouch!)
Audeze LCD3 - Very good, but short of the Abyss and still a lot of money.

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Was you at the National Audio Show too?


The Abyss and the Cavalli Liquid amp was stunning. The next biggest surprise was using my Nexus 4 as a bluetooth transport to the Burmester 113 DAC. Only carrying lame 320kbps MP3 but even so what the combination was doing with the files and over bluetooth... redefining

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Originally Posted by LFC_SL View Post

Was you at the National Audio Show too?



Yes, on the Sunday.

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My pair of Abyss AB-1266 will arrive today.


I will be comparing them to HD800, LCD 2 & 3, TH900 and the HE500 in the coming weeks and will post thoughts accordingly. With the exception of the TH900, all my headphones are recabled.


Will try and post some pictures later...............very excited!!!

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Just delivered and a few picture of the Abyss..............




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Nice pics! Looking forward to your comment, no need to rush though as they look like need quite some time to settle down.
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I have been listening on and off, all afternoon and evening, to the Hex /LAu /Abyss.


The Abyss takes time achieving a fit/ sonics correlation. It is actually rather finicky, and I think all preconceptions of achieving a seal with the cups has to be thrown out of the window. The cups just need to rest on the ears with a light pressure. Once this is achieved the comfort levels are really good with the weight being evenly distributed by the leather band.


You will know when the Abyss is dialed in. At this juncture, I am reluctant to talk about the sonics as both the LAu and the Abyss needs some burn in.


However, I would like to briefly mention the bass response of the AB-1266. It is like no other headphone that I have heard. It is easily the best reproduction of the lower frequencies that I have heard with any headphone. The viceral impact the Abyss achieves is mind blowing, the resolving nature, detail, attack and slam are at a level that is mesmerizing.


Even at this early stage of ownership, I know for definite that I have in possession a headphone that is moving the boundaries in terms of sonic excellence. Over the next few weeks I will make comparisons with my other headphones and post accordingly.








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I'm glad to see that you're enjoying your new Abyss. I have heard pretty much every flagship headphones out there, but I have yet to hear the Abyss. In the mean time, I'll look forward to reading your impressions of them.

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The price point suggests its almost like the stax of planar magnetic headphones. Looking forward to your full review and comparisons!
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a comparison between the abyss and the new lcd-x would be interesting
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I'm closing this as not a lot of people own a pair. Please use the other thread.

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