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For Sale:
Fiio E02i Rocky Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm beginning to accept that I cannot get used to over the ear IEMs. I love the sound of the TripleFi's so much more than my DBA-02/B2s but, despite every effort, I just cannot seem to get used to them.


I'm including everything I got in the effort to make them useable long term. This includes:

3 pairs of Comply S-500 Medium tips

3 pairs of Comply S-500 Large tips

Custom cable by effect2010 on eBay. (See here for a similar one.) I requested that mine be made without memory wire around the ears.
Self made custom cable from a cannibalized Apple Earpods cable. (It didn't turn out very pretty, but it is functional and the apple buttons/remote/mic work.)

UE hard case

S/M/L original silicon tips

Monster gel insert tips (I found these to work the best)

UE original cable

Airplane adapter

IEMs themselves

Original packaging (not in perfect shape, but it's cardboard...)

(I realize the image shows only 6 tips, that was my fault- 3 pair of each will be included)




Also for sale is the Fiio E02i portable amp/smartphone mic.

$18 shipped



All payments must be made through PayPal.

Feedback at Heatware under the name jadawgis732

Feedback at eBay under the name JonasJSchreiber


If you have any questions just shoot me a PM, and I'll try to get back to you as quick as possible.



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