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Thanks for the link, it seems that the X1 are the best so far, also, in that link I was able to see an amp from creative whose software is very similar to the one I've, taking in count that my sound card and the one I saw there were similar (or perhaps mine worse, since its included on the laptop..), it seems like; although its decent-good, there are better ones. 


Any recommendation of which amp would be the best for the X1?    Budget of $100, $150 as top if its really worthy, but no more.

I would guess(?) a Schiit Magni ($99) would easily drive the Philips X1s.

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Well I sound rather biased here, but what I can recommend you is the V-moda LP2. It costs $199 at V-moda's website plus you can also customize the shields to your taste. The bass in these headphones is very punchy yet you get to hear the clarity of the lows, mids and highs. It also has a 3D soundstage, considering that if you play video games using these babies, you can actually hear the small details like the water drops, wind, or even footsteps, depending on what game you are playing. You also mentioned about durability, well the headphone uses military-grade materials like kevlar in the cable, steel in the headband, and aircraft-grade metal shields. It also comes with a 2-year, plus an immortal life 50% warranty. To be honest, I own an LP2 as well as the M100. LP2 for gaming while the M100 for travel. Hope this helps.

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A few things.


-I dont plan to go outside with them, if this was the case I would probably buy a pair on in ear; therefore Appeareance has little value in my list. Taking in count how the market works, anything eye catching tends to be bad when it comes to quality.


-Although I would probably game with headphones, I would most likely turn off the game's music/sound game to play a few songs. Most of what I play on my computer is StarCraft 2, any game with good music and other facts involving sound are most likely to be played on a console (The last of us, for example). In other words, the headphones will be almost purely for music,


-I listen music several hours in a day, they must be comfortable, and as far as I know V-moda can be uncomfortable on hours long sessions.


The X1s prevail.


About the amp/dac, Im honestly messing into unknown terrain since I know nothing about either nor what each does. I'll just ask which one do you recommend (dac/amp and the hardware). In this I'll fully rely on what you say.


Btw. Thanks for the help.

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Am looking at Magni as well
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If you can't afford an amp, why not go with a low impedance mobile setup? Like the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 -- really surprised me how much power that little thing can put out unamp'd. They're $150 refurbished right now..

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Well, Im just about to buy the Philips X1, the final price would be something around 334 dollars due to the shipping to mexico. Due to the price, at the moment I would probably run them with my laptop, the sound card I currently have should be more than enough to get an acceptable-good sound (since many reviews say they are very easy to drive). I supposed they wont be at their peak so Im probably going to buy as well a magni amp but that wont be until later. 


Any recommendations about the X1s? Such as a mod, another amp, or changing the cable (sicne they have too much resistance).


Suggestions, opinions and comments are welcome.

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Hey guys, I just bought the Philips X1 and they should arrive in about 2 weeks.


Since Im new to this and have no amp/dac, only the sound card that comes with my laptop (sound blaster recon3Di), and currently Im out of budget, would it be better for me to buy something in the future like the Fiio E17 because it works as an amp and dac or should I save some money to buy the schiit magni and modi?

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E17 will get you to better sound more quickly -- since it has an amp and a dac for about $100.  It is also portable and has more flexibility on input connectivity.  That said, the Magni / Modi will allow you to 'scale' your system (i.e. buy more expensive headphones) with even more power (~6x into 32 Ohms) and a better amplifier design.


I started with an E10 which does fine for most mid-fi headphones but am most likely going to buy the Magni / Modi in the near future...unless I go directly to the Asgard 2 and use my E10's dac for a while until I can buy the Bitfrost as well.

Another option would be to buy the E17 and then purchase the E09K desktop amp down the road.  This combo would provide flexibility of 'docking the E17' when you're at home and give you a boost in power (~4x into 32 Ohms).  However, I think most people in this forum would say the Magni / Modi vs the E17 / E09K is a no-brainer in favor of the M / M stack.

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Just one thing, I mentioned the E17 because I think it's the best Fiio can offer, do you think getting the E17 and the E09k afterwards would be the best? 


I need both a DAC and Amp since I dont have either, so the E17 would be likely to fit the best, but wouldnt it be better if I get the E17 just while I get modi/magni or just go for the schiit gear?


Road would be like 

E17 --> Magni --> Modi


or just Magni ---> Modi  or vice versa


The E17 and the E09k are around a hundred dollars each, and so are the magni and modi. It would probably take me a month to get the 200 dollars, so unless they sound terrible on my laptop, wouldnt you think that getting the Magni and Modi instead of the Fiio gear would be the best?, if that was the case, would it be better to get the amp or dac first?


Sorry for questioning so much, Im just trying to be analytical and clearing some doubts because Im becoming really interested in headphones.

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