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You guys who received the tester IEMs and didn't post impressions are enormously selfish scumbags.

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Originally Posted by james444 View Post


See first post. Afaik it's only Sweden and you.


Speaking of which, after quite a looong wait I've finally received the RE600 and already forwarded it to Sweden. So the tour is officially back on track now.


excellent - i will be looking fwd to getting them from sweden and posting my impressions :D

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



This wasn't the easiest thing to do as I found the RE-400 and RE-600 rather similar. With some music and with volume matching I had a hard time picking them out some times so close was they in sound for me.

The RE-600 is slightly darker and smoother with a little more finesse to the sound. In a way the slightly darker presentation can make them sound even duller than the already dull RE-400 at the same time.

Just like the RE-400 the treble can take quite a bit of boost with an EQ without sounding harsh. These in-ears really need a boost up top to sound balanced.

Bass is similar to RE-400. It's there and somewhat neutral in quantity or below, but not much bass impact and not very textured.

Mids is the best part of these. It's rather transparent. Still very similar to RE-400 but maybe slightly more refined and detailed, but just slightly. 

Build is slightly better with the cable running from the splitter to the phones being better in quality, but still not 400 dollar quality.

The housing being glossy looks better and feels more solid but is probably more like a shiny fishing lure for audiophiles than an increase in construction quality.

Overall not worthy of a 4 times increase in price. Not even close.


Here are my honest impressions.

Thank you james444 for the loaner. This is what a headphone community is all about. I will probably repay the favour some day.

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I'm not part of the tour but I've heard both recently and can agree with some of the ways Sweden hears them.  After spending a lot more time with it, I don't find the RE600 to be an upgrade in SQ to any previous or current HiFiMan offerings; it however does have the best build quality of any HiFiMan iem to date (especially the cable).  The only improvements I find in the RE600 are some refinement in the midrange and treble but, IMO, the treble is shelved down too much and negatively affects timbre of instruments like acoustic guitar and piano.  I find the RE400 brighter (and the RE262 for that matter) than the RE600; and while the RE400 has a little grain and a bit more peaky in treble compared to the RE600, I greatly prefer it.  It has better dynamics, timbre and over all tonality.


I had originally tried the RE400 when they were first released and for whatever reason, I didn't really care for them- they were bit a sleepy sounding and too polite. However this time around I don't hear it that way- it's much better with a nice blend of being easy to listen to yet containing a bit of liveliness.  No idea if there is product variance or it's just me being more receptive to it the second time or being able to compare it to its much more expensive brother.


At the end of the day, I still think the RE272 and RE262 are the best HiFiMan offerings in terms of both technicalities and musicality but the RE400 is an exceptional value while maintaining a very good neutralish frequency response that is a little more linear than even the RE262.


For those looking for a real RE400 future/companion upgrade maintaining a similar signature, I would recommend both the FitEar F111 and the Custom Art Music Two.

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I find the RE-400/600 to be the V-Moda M-80 version of an in-ear. Not the most exciting sound with it's mid-centric qualities and way too polite treble. Maybe it's a sound that works with specific genres like Asian style vocal music(I don't listen to that stuff so maybe someone will correct me here)  but for pop, rock, classical and all-round it doesn't work for me.

No real sense of power.

The RE262 was an even bigger disappointment for me. Dull sound + painful vacuum suction in my ear.

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First of all , thanx to James for loaning his RE-600 to us

I had the chance to compare it not only with RE400 but with those other mid/top-tier iems

RE-262 , RE-272 , EQ-5

maybe i had a bad pair or something but i almost hated my re400 - very dull and mediocre sound - therefore i focused on comparing the re600 with the other 3 iems

First of all , did i like the re600 ? definite yes - no contest whatsoever with the dull/grainy re400
Second , is it worth 400$ ? This i can not answer - i really liked it , but when comparing it to the 150$ re262 and the 250$ re272/eq5 , i didn't find that big improvement to justify the extra money.

My main observation is that none of the above 4 very good iems is the one and only to have iem - i caught myself rotating between all 4 , as all have a different distinct sonic presentation which worked for specific music genres

The only iem sounding like the re600 was the re262 as it seemed to sound like a less refined re600, sharing similar mid-centric sound signatures, but considering i bought mine used for 60$ , i don't think i would have gone for the 400$ re600 if i had to choose between the 2.

the 272 and eq5 seemed to copliment the re600 as they were more airy , with more extension up highs


here are some notes/thoughts i wrote down when listening to the re600


wore them straight down

nice robust bass
better detail extraction from 262/272 (but not much)
a tad too thick mids
treble is airy without being extra crispy or sibilant
very tight bass
balanced , all freqs present
musical and controlled
like an improved 262 version

eq5 and 272 are better suited for fast music like rock

in the end , i decided that i am fine with the 262/272/eq5 , especially when considering the prices i paid to obtain them

if Hifiman lowers the price for the re600 around 250$ i would definitely grab it , but atm i think 400$ is a tad too much.

Keep in mind that this is the first 400$ i audiotioned and being used to the TERRIFIC bang-for-buck value of the hifiman iems (i have owned re-zero/252/262/272) i may be a bit picky with my observations -


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