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For Sale: Bantam and pup1 DACs

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$20 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Bantam and pup1 DACs

Will Ship To: US

I am selling three DACs that I've built over the years.


Bantam DAC (black case) - $40 $20

This DAC has Vishay-Roederstein MKT1817 output capacitors.  It has a headphone output jack but cannot drive headphones since it uses quality film output caps instead of electrolytics.  The USB cable is hardwired to the board which I found most functional when using it with my laptop.  There is an extra empty hole in the case where I was thinking about placing the headphone jack (see pictures).


Grub DAC (wooden case) - $60 $40  SOLD

This is a standard Grub DAC built into a custom wood case. The case is glued together.  This DAC terminates to RCA connectors.


pup1 DAC (aluminum enclosure, prototype board) - $100 $80

This is one of the first prototype boards for the pup1.  It's built with a LMH6643 opamp.  You can read about this particular iteration here:


The end plates for the case are just cut out of some clear plastic and are a little rough but don't look bad (in my opinion).  This DAC's output is driven by an opamp so it can drive headphones reasonably well but needs the volume to be adjusted in software.


All prices include shipping to the US.

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PM sent

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Price drop

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Prices dropped again

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