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Choosing the right earphone

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Hi guys!

im quite new here, been lurking and reading  alot.


Ive decided to take the plunge into in ear monitors / earphones, my first ever was the RE-400


Amazing sound quality, however it lacked 'oomph', virtually no bass, i like bass.


I then purchased the Brainwavz M4 great IEM, great vocal clarity, however lacked bass, both sub-and depth in it.


I then received the Dre tours as a gift, which were much better in the bass department however not exactly what i was looking for (sounded muddy and underwater), if the muddy-ness was gone it wouldve been the perfect earphone (with a $100 price reduction).


i was going to purchase the Hippo VB when the man at the shop told me theyve discontinued them at the shop because virtually every pair they sold were returned because of a faulty left ear piece. 


I was really set on getting the VB however i think i need to look somewhere else for durability.


I would like a earphone with great quality and quantity of bass, and sub bass as i mainly listen to aggressive hip hop / bass dominated tracks 

also vocals are important! 



i was looking at the M2 however i dont think it has as much raved reviews as the Hippo VB, and lacks somewhat with bass extension. 




My price range is $50-150

any help is much appreciated!! 

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Sony XB90EX
Audio Technica CKS77X
Audio Technica CKS1000
There are a bunch of reviews for these iems on the discovery thread.
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I have the xb90ex and they rumble your ears with sub bass.mids and highs are also very clear and detailed. Audio technica also has good sub bass, but more mid bass kick and more forward mids. I modded my phone for thexb90ex so that the mids(vocals) come out more.
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Only the cks1000 is out of your price range at 180-200$ the rest are about 80-120$
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thanks for the replies

what are the main differences between the ones mentioned?


Sony XB90EX
Audio Technica CKS77X
Audio Technica CKS1000

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Sony xb90ex - massive sub bass with very wide soundstage clear mids and highs
Cks77x - good sub bass more mid bass than sony a bit less soundstage and more forward mids and highs than sony
Cks1000 - best of the three but most expensive very good sub/mid bass and same tuning as cks77x, but better overall than other two.
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i think im going to go with the sony! 

how is the mid bass on the sony compared to the 77x? 

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Trust me when i bought the sonys i was afraid there was not going to be enough mid bass. But in the end it turned out it has plenty for my tastes. It still kicks for me with the right tuning. If i bought the cks77x i bet the mid bass would be too overwhelming already since i do find the sony has enough mid bass to make me feel tired to my ears smily_headphones1.gif
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now ive got to find a place that ships internationally 

the Sony XB90EX seems rather scarce in Australia :( 

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Try doing more research before you buy wink.gif trust me the more you research before you buy, the better.
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Shure SE215 isn't exactly lacking in the bass department. Build quality is top notch too. Hell the cables even detach.  It's more mid bass than sub bass though. 

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Seen a few reviews of the shure215, not what im looking for sorry.

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@OP, If you have bought the Sony xb90ex, can you please give your opinion on them? i am looking forward to buy it. Thanks.
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