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Best headphones for rock and metal music

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Hey everyone. So i've been searching for the best headphones for rock and metal music and it's been pretty hard to find a single solid recommendation. So far I've been recommended to get the V-Moda M100s or the Beyerdynamic dt 770s. I want your opinion on which of these would be preferable for metal music, which ohm level is better or if you have other suggestions.


Some of the music I listen to includes:

Memphis May Fire

Bring Me The Horizon

Of Mice & Men


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This guy knows the answer my friend!!!

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ahaha. I would get grados but I need a closed headphones as I use these in school and on the bus.

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hd25-1ii. Incredible for guitars, very fast headphones

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The Abyss :-)

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You got to listen to the Abyss?

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Just at a local shop. I realise it is out of reach for most people, but boy did it sound good for rock music!


I'd also recommend either of the Audeze phones for rock music.

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Any other suggestions for the best rock and metal headphones? I can't afford the audenze headphones because my budget is around $300. If you can recommend one in that price range that would be great.
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do they have to be full sized cans?  if you can use IEM's  balanced armature  based IEM's  are incredibly detailed and  are nearly arrow straight.  they are not bass monsters  they are flat up to about 8khz then the highs start rolling off.    i have a pair of Brainwavz B2's  and they work for pretty much anything asides from wobble bass on electro tracks.  

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Already have monoprice IEMs. I really need a headphone so i can do long sessions of comfortable listening.

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how about one of the ultrasone Pro sereis? 

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Closed - Shure 940

Open - AD900x, MS2i, Magnum

IEM - Brainwavz B2


Preferring ad900x at the moment.


Personal favourites from what I've heard for metal/rock

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I've tried most of the ultrasone pro line except the 550. They were all overly bright. This might be good for older recordings, but not so much for modern rock.
Check out the dt880 as well. From what I remember listening with the LDIII (and mullards) they were great with the transients so you really hear the crunch of guitars. Soundstage and vocal performance were great as well.
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I would go with Beyerdynamics.
Either the 770 pro if you want some extra sparkle and sub Bas, or the 880 if you prefer neutrality.
For the Ohm rating, if you want to play them out of an ipod or any other portable Devic, get a low Ohm Version, if you have a good dedicated headphone amp, get 240 Ohm or higher.
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Awesome. So what is the leakage like on the 880s? Also I've heard for the 770s the best sound for each ohm version goes 32 > 250 > 80. Which one do you personally think is better?

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