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NOTE : I'm new in this cable making thing, so please bear with me.


So it's high time that I start to recable my T50RP. I'll ask how to recable at the T50RP thread. Here, I want to ask about making the cable. been searching for the right guide but there's none that fits my needs. That or either it was not possible to begin with.


As I stated topic, I wanna know how to make the following cable :

From source : 3.5mm connector

(would be awesome if someone can help me get/link a jack similar to AT AD700 where you can screw on the 6.3mm connector on the 3.5mm connector)

To headphones : Split into 2 channel, detachable using mini XLR connectors. Prefer 3-pins unless I should go with others.


The questions :

1 - Assuming that 3-pin mini-XLR is a go, should I get 6 1-core cables and split by 3 in each channel? Or is there another alternative?

2 - Recommended cables for cheap? Especially with low microphonics.

3 - I'm planning to braid them, thus I don't need sleeves. Or do I?


These are the questions I have for now. Will have some more questions in the future.


Thanks for your help/advice/recommendations in advance.