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For Sale or Trade: FS: Stello HP100

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For Sale or Trade:
FS: Stello HP100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have a perfect condition Stello HP100 amp.  This amp is heavy and well built, full discrete output.  Compared to Gilmore Lite it is smoother with more focus.  Has original box but it's a little bent.


Looking for $275 shipped and will eat the paypal fee for CONUS.


I may consider trades.


This amp was highly reviewed in its day and is still a competent performer today:


Headamp GS-1 vs Hp-100 (very close):


A reviewer who preferred the Stello to the original Schiit Asgard:


A user review:


Enjoythemusic mini review:

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So often old stuff gets eclipsed too soon too fast. Never heard this as I only started audiophillia last year. GLWS though!
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Appreciate the kind words, this hobby has either gotten harder to break into or easier depending on how you see it I guess.  Back in the day you used to be able to find items for a good price and re-sell and not lose too much on the deal - hence painless to try new gears.  Doesn't seem to be so much the case anymore!  I assume due to proliferation of cheaper gear and greater divide between high end and lower end with the middle getting scooped out.

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No probs mate. Everyone wants the best deal nowadays too. Sellers are forced to lower price as buyers won't buy at any price short of cheap. Oh well this hobby has been a joy though! As said, GLWS!
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I can't believe this is still here, back in the days and I still think it is a kick ass amp.
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It a good neutral yet punchy amp, and has the advantage of having that HQ roll off filter switch, which can be useful with harsh headphones like Grados and such.  Great deal at this price.

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SOLD!  Thanks for the kind words friends!

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