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I listen to mostly rock & pop. For past 5 years owned SE 210's and loved them - especially for working around the house.  Right cable broke inside housing.  Purchased SE215 last week from Amazon and first thing I noticed was the tinny quality versus the 210's.  After a few mintues I really had no desire to listen versus not wanting to take my 210's off.  Added bass and it seemed to just flatten everything out.  And the 215's required much higher volume to power using the same ipod.  Redesign of earphone resting flat inside outer ear was nice but even with the largest foam tip it always felt a bit loose.  With my 210's there was no movement and good seal using the large foam tip.  In fact, I was able to use the medium size as well.


So I'm frustrated because I was really looking forward to these replacements and now I'm stuck with finding a comparable sound to my 210's in the $100-$175 range which I fear may be impossible to find.  Can I purchase larger tips for the SE215?  I'd be willing to give them another try as a last resort?  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.