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Sony xba 40 impedance

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Well, after saving up and making up my mind I went for the Sony Xba 40, and I'm pretty excited since they'll be my first pair of iems.
Something that no reviewer seemed to mention is that the impedance is not the same as the xba 4, while the xba 4 has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohm the xba 40 has a nominal impedance of 12 Ohm.
Just something worth noting in my opinion, since such a low impedance on the xba 4 seemed discouraging to some.

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Think it was stated that there was a mistake in the online specs early on. They are both 8 Ohm. I had the 40 and it is still picky with everything(tips, amps, players). Not that you won't get a good result.  

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