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Audio Distortion DIY

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I am working in a 5 men office. One of the guys is driving everyone else nuts! He is using speakers instead of headphones + he is listening to an awful type of music ( the kind that make you regress by the second).

We told him several times that he is disturbing us, but after a while he just starts to listen again.


So, how can I **** his speakers up?

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Cutting the cable would **** his speaker upevil_smiley.gif (im not responsible for anything happen lolbiggrin.gif)

Other way would be ask him to use an IEM for listening to music

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I could do that, but I was hoping for a more creative method. I want him to think that they are getting faulty by themselves. But if I can't think of something, I will just snap the ******* cord.

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EQ the sound until they distort? 

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Just read this thread, had a good laugh and couldn't believe how wonderfully evil it would be to quietly blow up an annoying pair of somebody else's speakers

Wish you all the best in your quest, i'm sorry i don't have any good ideas to help you though.

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If you can solder (or just have a few alligator clips), you can pretty much introduce your filter of choice in the signal path. A highpass at 5k sounds nice... :)

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While doing anything to another worker's property could get you fired.


You might try putting a Zener diode across the loudspeaker terminals.

(I don't know what voltage would work best)

At low volume it would sound fine, but as the signal passed the Zener threshold it would get more and more distorted.

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