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For Sale: M-Audio Q40 - A Basshead's Dream

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For Sale:
M-Audio Q40 - A Basshead's Dream

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my M-Audio Studiophile Q40 headphones as I just upgraded to the M-100.


These have the best overall sound quality of any bassy full-sized headphone south of $200 and are considered the poor man's M-100 (but a bit less portable of course). Bass is emphasized by about 6-8dB and the sub-bass extension is unbelievable. Mids are neutral and monitor-like, not affected by the bass at all. Highs are a bit laid back but not missing or dark sounding.


Asking $85 for the headphones only with no cable (use your own), or $100 with a V-Moda 3-button iPhone compatible cable (the best-sounding of all the V-Moda cables).


I'm located in Canada so please inquire about shipping fees to your location. Thanks for looking!

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