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HELP DECIDING BETWEEN BRANDS Newbie.. require opinion :)

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I've tucked some money away for a 'decent' pair of headphones and would love some advice.. I've narrowed it down to three.

I listen to a lot of indie rock & electronic (stuff like Jack White, Arcadefire, Knife Party..)


Here are the three, and they're respective prices. If you have other suggestions feel free to pipe in. I'm aiming for under 200. 






Much appreciated! :) 

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If those are the three you are looking at, I would definitely go for the Beyers. I've never heard any of Klipsch's headphones but not a big fan of their earphones. SOLs are better than Beats but still not up to par to companies like Senn, Beyer, and such.

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Hey! I feel like an idiot for posting this before researching..

I'm between the Beyer COPs, Audio Technica ATH M50s, and Grado Sr80i! 
Forget the other crap I mentioned :P 

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The Grado's are fantastic for rock and ymmv on electronic music.  Some people say they're still okay, others disagree.  I don't really listen to it, so my experience with grado's doesn't really cover electronic.


I hated the M50's for rock when I was helping my friend look for headphones.  They sounded pretty fun with his pop music, but I couldn't stand them when I put on anything rock or more acoustic music.


Haven't tried the COPs.  You also need to consider the Grado's are very open.  They don't isolate either way at all.

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