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Hey guys, I hope that this is okay but I'd like to ask if there is anyone who would like to sell a set of Amperex Orange Globes Holland based late 60's (or similar). Can't seem to find any from my usual ebay source. 


And yes, I have open a classified ad. :biggrin:


PM me...



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I'd also want to ask if anyone has any Amperex Bugle Boys 1950's with D Getters. PM me please. Cheers!

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Got two offers already!! Thanks very much guys. 

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Big SQ improvement with Amperex Orange Globes, I didn’t expect that much. Thanks everyone for the recommendation. 

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Got two offers already!! Thanks very much guys. 

You're welcome, Bro :smile:


Cheers, JC

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well, the tesla e88cc tesla gold pins arrived from russia today, just got the voskhods , '77's came the other day to go with

the bugle boys and mullards i've had for a few weeks, now to spend some quality time with each of them !

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Thanks for whoever recommended the Bugle boys! It's so much more musical and warmer than the stock 6BZ7's! 

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Try orange globes I feel even nicer
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I have two pair (matched, near NOS levels) of the famed '75 Voskhod 6N23P grey-shields that I'm hoping to find a good home. Killer tubes! PM me if you have been searching for a pair. SOLD!


Wanted to give my fellow Lyr-heads first shot at them. :smile:


Too many great tubes, too little time to listen anymore...


Tubes are sold! Thanks! :smile:

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Any trading
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So while I'm waiting for new tubes to come in, I stuck back some stock Lyr tubes (GE 6BZ7) in. They have only been used for about 100 hours. Every time I turn the volume knob (no music playing, headphones plugged in), I can hear a slight "screech"-like noise on the left side. It also happens when music is playing. Anyone know whats going on? Faulty tube?

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swap the tubes over and see what happens.

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I didn't swap the tubes over, but what I did was took them both off, blew some air, and plugged them back in. Now the problem is gone. I guess there was just some dust or something like that. Thanks for your help though.

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Originally Posted by rb2013 View Post

Got to be honest, this is an esoteric hobby...nice gear Esoteric:-) Pretty much the whole family doesn't get it - kids happy with mp3s and apple earbuds.


Same here... I even took pains to rip the kids' music to .m4a hoping they would 'get' it. No dice.


People laugh when hearing I have 30K invested in audio. Of course, new your NWO was about 1/3 of my total investment, but I'm not laughing.

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Hey guys i have Fostex TH600 and i am looking to get LYR, what Tubes should i go for? i like the opamp 627 (warm + sparkling treble) so what tubes does have something similer? usually tubes have rolled off treble so i came here to ask. 

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