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Originally Posted by Olivier11986 View Post

Did Zenith produce their own tubes or were they sourced by another company?


They made the radios. Zenith-branded tubes were often Sylvanias but could be anything really.

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yeah, ebay



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I was wondering because I had never seen a getter like this

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Yep, those are just Tesla ECC88's, can tell by bottle shape and sloped getter support. Worth no more than about $30 a pair.

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Well... I finally pulled the trigger and bought a second Siemens E188CC from tube museum to pair with the first one I found (RCA labelled)

this tube rolling is an expensive disease!! Hopefully they'll sound incredible!!

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Well. I'll review the Voshkod gray shields soon. Their good enough that they're keeping me up. Just one more song syndrome tonight. Hell, I let one album repeat three times, it just did't get old.
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Anyone have trouble with the socket savers coming out when you remove a tube? Sort of not seeing the point, or perhaps I am doing something wrong? Any tips would be much appreciated... 

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Hold them down with a Popsicle stick when rolling
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Originally Posted by tuna47 View Post

Hold them down with a Popsicle stick when rolling


So I guess that would be a lollipop stick where I come from :-) Many thanks, will try that when I get home. 

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Hey guys, new here so please bear with me. :) I have an HE500 and wanted some better tubes than the stock tubes, any good suggestions? I've read through a lot of the pages of the old thread and all of this thread and it seems people mostly enjoy the Mastu****a 6922, Bugles Boys and the rare and expensive tubes such as the LRT RTC E18CC from Harleen and the Siemens E188CC with their HE500. I love great deep and extended, tight bass with a large spacious sound stage. Which tubes should I go for? Thanks for the help!

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Well there are a tonn of variables, but for a first roll & bang for your buck a 60's era Amperex orange globe is a good choice. A few with the HE500 like them a lot.
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I have the orange globes and 500s very good combo
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Has anyone found an excellent pair of tubes for the HD800s? Orange globes are nice but other than those what have you  guys discovered. Thanks for any feedback anyone can provide. 

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Actually no need to spend hundreds of $ on expensive tubes, first try some RCA or GE 6BQ7A I think they're great and you'll pay between $5 and $20 a pair. You can also have some HP-labelled Amperex for around $50 a pair which are great.

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