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Great that you like 'em! If you look in the ES10 appreciation thread, some people say that a headphone amp can bring out some extra resolution from the ES10 and make the bass more defined.


I usually use my ES10's unamped and only have experience with FiiO's headphone amps. You could try the cheap E6. But that might not make much difference. I've got the E11 and it's pretty good. You could get a LOD to your iPhone and then plug it into the amp.

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Thanks for all ur help.
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You are welcome.


There are better headphone amps than FiiO's, but with FiiO amps you get a lot for relatively little money. Anyway, you can perhaps find some good advice in the Portable Headphone Amps forum...

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Just bought the es700 and i like it alot. Would love to hear the es10 for comparisson. Need to go to jaben
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Still enjoying mt ES10's unamped.  But just like anything else thats good, I want more and betterer lol.  Also just purchased UE's triplefi 10's (everytime I come on this site I spend money!!!!).  So yes now Im in the market for a good portable amp For both the ES10's and the triplefi 10's.  Heard great things about the Headstage Arrow, but the price is the only thing holding me back.  Anyway thats the update.

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