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Yet another es10 thread!

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Hello all! Wanna start by saying this is a great forum. All threads I've read have been informative and helpful. And I don't think I've read any wise-azz replies (yet). Lol

I am currently the proud owners of the AD700 (for gaming) and m50's for general all purpose listening (in home, portable, music, movies etc). I am now in the market for an upgrade and something more portable. I love my m50's but they feel a bit big and doofy as a portable and the extra long cable is kinda annoying. I listen to manly club/dance/electronic/hip hop and alot more.... So I've read alot of good things about the es10 and I'm very interested. I love clean punchy along with the sub sonic bass, but also love my highs (not screeching ear hurting though). Ill be mostly using them with my iPhone 4S and will be switching to the new iPhone when released.
So my question is, since all I have is my m50 to compare too, can anyone tell me the differences I can expect from the es10? Highly appreciate your time and comments.
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Hello o o o o o o o.....
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Have you looked through this thread:


I can try to chime in a bit, even if I haven't listened to my M50 for some time. I'd say that the ES10 are better than the M50. To me, the M50 has got a slightly thin and bright sound, while still having a good bass slam. That's probably because of the V shaped sound and the slightly recessed mids. The ES10 has got good bass slam, more forward mids and smoother highs. The only area where the M50 wins is soundstage. Even if the M50 doesn't have that much of a soundstage, it's still better than the ES10. That might be because of the circumaural design of the M50 as opposed to the supra aural design of the ES10 (well, my ears are pretty small, so the ES10 are close to being circumaural for me). However, open headphones have the best and widest soundstages so I might be mistaken...

In the ES10 thread you can read about different mods. I haven't bought new earpads. Instead I cut a thin strip of that stuff that can be used to wrap and protect packages (I don't know the name of it, but it's not bubble wrap tongue_smile.gif), rolled it up and put scotch tape around it. Then I put it around the inside edges of the earpads. That pushes the ear out from the driver and gives you the sense of a bigger soundstage, and at the same time it reduces bass impact slightly. To me, that makes the ES10 sound better and improves on the only area where the M50 beats them.


I don't use my ES10's with any i-devices, but I think they work great with any source.

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Thanks for the great reply. I know it's not much of a comparison but its all I have to go by. How would you describe portability compared to the m50?
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I have the coiled cable version of M50, and it adds weight to already somewhat heavy and bulky headphones. The M50 are portable but mainly for use indoors, while the ES10 is designed as a portable headphone. The cable on the ES10 might seem a bit fragile compared to the one on M50, but it's sturdy enough. It would be great if you could use detachable cables with the ES10, but you can't have everything.

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someone told me that the es700 is better than the es10. is it true ? 

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I doubt it. I've got the ES7, the predecessor to ES700 (however it might still be sold), and while the mids on the ES7 are very nice and great for guitar based rock, the ES10 beats it at everything. Still I like the ES7 since the mids are so great.
The ES700 is said to be an improvement on the ES7 and that seems likely, but I still don't think it can compete with the ES10.

However, if you go by price vs performance, I am sure that you will get much more bang for the buck if you buy the ES700 compared to the ES10.

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Heard good things about the es7. Supposedly a more balanced natural phone. But I pressed my luck and ordered the es10. This thread was just prolonging the inevitable. Lol
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I think you're making a great choice in getting the ES10. I prefer it to the ES7. But like I said, the mids on the ES7 are sweet...

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Yup seent it. But I think for my taste the es10 is more suitable. Yes at twice the cost but ill probably have these forever. Let you know my opinion if I thought it was worth it or not in a few days when there in. Is there usually a breaking in period with headphones? If so is there a certain way they should be broken in?
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Originally Posted by mrhanky5555 View Post

 Is there usually a breaking in period with headphones? If so is there a certain way they should be broken in?


I have noticed the sound signature changing after a while on some of my headphones, but not on all. I haven't really noticed a big difference on my ES10. The thing that made a difference was when I put that insulation/wrapping material under then earpads - bass was toned down a bit and the soundstage became bigger.

You can search the forum for methods of burning headphones. Some like to use either pink, white or brown noise. I just listen to music from the go. I've read that you can break in headphones with music, but that you should use a slightly higher volume than you usually do for listening. Anyway, there are as many opinions as there are headphones, so just search and find a method that might work for you.


Edit: I have to add that you will have to be prepared for the ear cups to scratch. I treat mine very carefully but there are still tiny scratches on the cups...

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Edit: I have to add that you will have to be prepared for the ear cups to scratch. I treat mine very carefully but there are still tiny scratches on the cups...


So Ive heard...  I was  thinking about what I can do to cover/wrap them.  Best thing I thought of was to use a light window tint.  Gonna try it on a small area thats sorta hidden and see how it works.  Hopefully it doesnt change the sound.  Ive also heard of people using a sealer and a wax.  We'll see, Ill post what I come up with.

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I've used ordinary screen protectors cut into circles on my ES7. It doesn't look perfect, but it works. The cups on the ES10 are not flat like on the ES7, so that method will not work for them. So I have settled with not protecting them and now and then discovering new tiny scratches...

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Gott'm!  They sound great.  Bass is cleaner and punchier than the m50.  For double the price they better be lol.  Im wondering if a cheap portable amp would make them even better?  Using them mainly off my iphone 4s.

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