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Which headphones should I get?

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   Hi everyone. I'm new to head-fi and I was just wondering if I could get your opinions on headphones. Im not a hard core audiophile, so I don't have the most experience with different headphone brands and models.


   Here are the requirements:

  •    My max price is $30. (I know this is a very hard price to work with, but if you could help, that would be great)
  • The feature that is most important to me is comfort. It is very likely that I will be wearing these for long periods at a time, and I don't want them making my ears sore from long periods of use.
  • While the main use for these headphones will be for music, I don't need the very best in audio quality. Like I stated before, comfort is most important to me. I won't be listening for every imperfection in the quality of the headphones. That being said, I also don't want the quality to be horrible.
  • These should be headphones, not earbuds. I don't really care if they are on-ear or over-ear, just as long as they are comfortable.
  • This is a lesser important matter, but if they could a bit cool and not like giant things strapped to the sides of my head, that would be great.


Any help and recommendations you could give me would be awesome. Thanks!

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The only decent headphones in that range is the koss ksc75's. They aren't the best looking but have some pretty good reviews in terms of sound and comfort.
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Absent a closeout sale, you are not going to get even decent cans for just $30.  I that's all you are able to spend, you'll get much more for your money with an IEM.


In any case you should start with the buying guides:





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If you go for IEM's the Klipsch s4's are a good buy for around that price range. They're what I usually listen to on the go.
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Almost forgot about these.
These are an absolute steal for 20 bucks. They're what I usually recommend to friends who don't want to spend much.
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The koss ksc75 is really cheap, pretty decent sound, and very comfortable. But if you want a little better sound quality I recommend Sennheiser HD 202 II, if not the HD 201. (:

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The Monoprice made it onto InnerFidelity's Wall of Fame http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-full-size-sealed

Apparently the headband isn't very comfortable, but there are no complaints about the pads, which are by far the most important part of comfort.

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