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speakers ringing

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when no sound is playing but the amp for my speakers is on, they let off a ringing noise (output audio is default eighth inch jack on computer). when i play then pause anything that lets off audio, it stops. any idea why this is and how to fix it? speaker set up is lepai 2020a(+?) amp with micca MB42 speakers, wired with banana plugs and 16gauge speaker wire. any idea what could cause the ringing and how to stop it?

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Lepai 2020A ? Then you are not the only one complaining of "a noise" from it. Its part of the design several comments on Amazon about it. The thing is its very cheap for what it does and is meant for a car stereo / basic computer audio amp. It has no real frills It does what it says on the box . Unless you have a large power supply  10W RMS is what it is safe  to run at someone tried to get 20W RMS out of it-and yes it does say it could do that-at 4 OHMS but his blew up.Distortion is only given as  < 0.05 % BUT it doesnt say the FREQUENCY that is correct for that percentage-Which means in double talk- at 1KHZ but what about 20KHZ? At 20 W + distortion is 10% no thats not a typing error. Cheap for what it does but no its not "real" HI-Fi.

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