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New to this forum but audiophile since the 60's

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Hey All-
I'm Charlie and I found this site, like many others did, while researching new IEM's. being in my late 50's and having been an audio addict since I was a teenager, i have seen a great many products come and go, both analog and digital. I hope to continue my passion (or addiction) of obtaining the finest audio information out there. When I first got into audio, you had to obtain all your info via periodicals (there was no internet). I still use a vintage McIntosh pre-amp, DCM Time Windows & a David Hafler power amp that I built from a kit in my home audio system in the man cave. (The wife has the Sony 7.1 surround upstairs in the living room!)

As far as IEM's, my main pair I use every day are Shure E4c's. just haven't been able to find any that sound any better. Have a couple pairs of Klipsch S4's & just got another pair of S4i-Rugged for skiing & trout fishing on the Williams River in WV. They are very nice IEM's, but not quite what the Shure's are. My Bose and Sennheiser OTE NC headphones are very good, but only tske them on the plane.
So I'm on a quest for the next great thing im IEM's. Maybe a pair of Japanese Sonys? Etymotics? UE TripleFi? Sennheiser? I dunno? And I don't have a problem paying for greatness. Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from the community!
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Hey Charlie,


It would help to know what your budget is. The next "great" thing generally costs more than yester-year's best. Also would help to know what kind of signature sound you like (flat, warm, dark, bassy, etc).


Very best,

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Well, budget has never been the issue as long as there is recourse if it's not satisfactory. I do have a set of $600 Shure's tho like everyone else, I didn't pay that for them. I also have lot's of other high end equipment, it is our hobby! I'm very happy with the E4c's but they won't last forever and the other Klipsch's & Bose I have are utilitarian backups. I am a classic rock fan born in 1955 growing up in the 60's &70's and love my waling guitars, but I also become fond of rich, accurate British vinyl pressings of classical music after obtaining better and better equipment over the years all before digital. Sometimes I still think analog sources and tube amps are warmer. The first nice set of speakers I had were a pair of JBL L100's I bought for nearly $300 each in 1972. (Which was a lot of cash in those days) Drove them with a Yamaha receiver. When I went to work for a local high end audio retailer at the age of 23, I picked up the McIntosh equipment at employee pricing while there and still use those electronics to this day w/ a 20yr old set of DCM Time Windows. Hope that gives you an idea of where I'm at or why I like the Shure's so much cuz about anything decent will do the guitar thing. I like accuracy. I like tight, but not boomy bass. I like smooth mids and not too bright highs. That's not asking too much, huh MalVeauX? Thanks for your input. I value your opinion.
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