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Burson HA-160 Owners: Which H/P Jack Do You Use?

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Hello my fellow Burson HA-160 Owners,


I know, the HA-160 has since fell out of favour and is no longer the FOTM (taken over by the Soloist), however, I still find it to be an incredible amp for dynamic headphones.  I have finally upgraded from a Meier Audio Corda Aria to the HA-160 as I was given an unbelievable deal on one of the last units in my local headphone store (cheaper than any price I have seen in the "For Sale" forum here or on e-bay).  When I went in to purchase, I had the Soloist/Soloist SL plainly in sight of my scope, but offered with such a great deal, I couldn't bring myself to pass up on the HA-160 for a marginal increase in S/Q (at least when I auditioned in the store with the HD650, K701 and DT880).  


As such, I left with the HA-160. 


Now, my headphone collection:

Sennheiser HD650 (300ohms)

Beyerdynamic DT770pro and DT880 (both 250ohms)

AKG K701 (62ohms)


I have found that Burson's recommendation for the H and L impedance jacks isn't necessarily the best.  L is rated to be 0-150Ohms while H is rated to be 150-500ohms.


I have generally found the L jack to be more laid back, smooth and warm.  The H jack is a little brighter, with a little metallic edge to the sound signature.  Surprisingly, I found that I much prefer the HD650 and DT770pro/DT880 out of the L jack even though they are all above 150ohms.


However, the K701, even though they are rated at 62ohms, I found that I much prefer it plugged into the H jack as I found with the L jack, the AKG gets too warm for my taste.  Sounded muddy to my ears.


Was just wondering, anyone else found the same?

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Wow, no replies...  I guess, there is no more love for the "out dated" Burson HA-160 then..  


Regardless, for the record, for those of you who do not care to upgrade to a Magnetic Planar (or incorrectly called Ortho) headphones, the Burson HA-160 is one hell of a reference headphone amplifier.  Depending on your subjective taste, it is almost as good as it gets (not quite but almost).


So, those owners or potential owners of HD650, K701 and DT880, HA-160 should be on your radar, especially over the next few months, while they are on a close-out prices from retailers, one heck of a deal!

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