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Ear tips for SE215

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Hi guys,


I have the sure SE215s but I'm having a bit of a problem with the ear tips. The smallest rubber ones have the best fit, however, they are not very comfortable. On the other hand, the smallest foam tips are very comfortable but are slightly too big and can work their way out. 


Can anybody suggest a smaller foam tip I could get that would fit the SE215s?


Thanks in advance



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Foam. Only foam tips sounds good/best with 215. After couple of days they become more soft and suit you better.

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I've been using the foam ones everyday for month or two now so thats not the problem, they just seem a tad on the big side, even the smalles ones supplied

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I use Klipsch Gels with my SE215 and I find they're extremely comfortable, give me the best seal and absolutely the best sound. I use large but you might want to try their small ones.
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