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Mobile player with blend function?

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Is there a mobile Player with blend function in the market? ( a device that mixes the end of the actual song with the begin of the next song)


Just know my old iPod touch and my ZuneHD don't do this, but it'll be fine for the next summer Party.



Any ideas what to buy? (If there's no mobile Player, what else can I do? Tablet or something?!)






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What you're talking about I know of as crossfade and I've just checked - it's an option on my ipod 5g running Rockbox, so that looks like a good place to start your search smily_headphones1.gif




Edit: Crossfade, not crossfeed!ph34r.gif

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Rockbox gives crossfade. It also gives crossfeed. Imo crossfeed (mixing a bit of the opposite channel with a delay to simulate speaker listening as almost all recordings were intended for) is much more important than crossfade, but Rockbox gives you both!


A $30 4GB Clip+ or a $38 4GB Clip Zip has a micro SDHC card slot and is Rockboxable. For use with Rockbox the Clip Zip is better as it has a larger screen, even though both players are tiny and almost exactly the same size with a built in clip. They give around 14 hours of play time using Rockbox. They can be played while charging. Add a $10 16GB class 4 card or a $20 32GB class 4 card and you are set. Some people even use these with a 64GB microSDXC card formatted as FAT32.

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yeah .. thanks for the rockbox idea. Wished it work with iPod touch, then it would be perfect.


But it doesn't :-(  (or should Rockbox work with the iPod touch 1st Gen.?)



What ist the best Player from apple for rockbox?  (I got a SM Pro DiDock with symetrical out, and I have to Keep it)


Thank you!

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Acording to the rockbox website these are stable, but there is a thread on here about people using it on the newer classics with few issues.


Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g


The "best" from an SQ perspective would be a 5g DIYmod with internal caps or perhaps a classic (I haven't read about or heard one) but the "best" at surviving being knocked off the shelf at a party would be a mini with a compact flash card due to it's metal casing... which "best" do you want?

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Thank you.


Hmmm ... I don't want to Change the iPod touch, the big Display is nice to work with and great in combination with SM Pro DiDock.


I found a app: http://amidio.com/dj/ and I like the Options it gives. Something like this will do the Job.


The app is made for iOS 4.2 and later. I simply Need a iPod Touch 2G or later ...


(... and how the heck can I turn off the Auto correction of IE10 )

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