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FIIO E10 not working on new Macbook Air (2013)

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Hi there,


I've had a pair of Sennheiser 598's + FIIO E10 headphone amp for about a year now. Sounds great on my old 2009 Macbook. 


I recently purchased a 2013 Macbook Air, and was very excited to listen to some music on it - but upon plugging it in... nada. No sound comes out. (actually there is sound, but it still comes out of the computer and not the phones as it's supposed to).


I've tried both USB ports - the light turns on on the E10 and I hear a crackling sound, but that's about it.


Has anyone had this problem? Is there a driver I need to install, or is there a fix? Any ways to get around this? The headphones just don't sound the same with the Air's sound system!


Thanks in advance :)

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Would love a reply on this - THEY STILL DON'T WORK!!

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Excuse me if this sounds a bit obvious but as nobody has replied to your post. I might as well ask the question. In the bottom right of the tray is the speaker icon. I take it you have checked [clicked on it] to see if it is showing on the display meaning the computer recognizes it? Or if you have some different type of audio icon on your display particular to what is running the AIR. I am not familiar with it  but you must have some type of indicator to check your audio attachments and what is set up as an audio chain .  

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If you go to 'About this Mac'-->'More info'-->'System report', what does it say under Audio and under USB?  I assume you're running Mountain Lion?  And as was noted above, I take it the obvious things have been checked.


That being said, I know there are still a lot of issues with the new Air's.  A colleague purchased one and he's not a happy camper right now (screen flickering or cutting out, wifi-connectivity....).  I'm still on an early 2009 MBP and waiting to purchase the new version if/when it finally comes out with decent specs in 13" but even then I'll hang on a couple of months.

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Same problem here, I'm running Mavericks and just for the E10. I have the exact same thing happening.

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I must be fortunate. I installed Mavericks when it came out and I have no issues.

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