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I have Shure SRH750DJ headphones. I am thinking about getting an amp to use with it and have a few questions.


1) Is an amp worth it for these headphones? They have a pretty low impedance, but I have heard that they still benefit.


2) Including Fiio amps, what is the best headphone amp under $100? I don't really care about size. I plan to use the amp with my headphones on my laptop, and on my phone at home. That is all. If you didn't know, these headphones are bass heavy (in a good, non-overpowering way), and I don't want to lose too much of that while using an amp. I want better sound quality, but don't want to lose the bass while listening to certain genres of music.


3) What exactly is a DAC, and what are the benefits?


4) Is the E17 worth the extra money? I'd prefer not to spend more, but if it actually sounds a lot better then I'll save up.


I will be ordering from, so choose any amps from there.


An answer to even 1 of the questions would be greatly appreciated.