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320 kbps vs lossless

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Is there an audible difference in quality here or am I picking at straws?

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Using what?  Out of an iPod or iPhone, probably not. Through a TOTL headphone system, maybe, depending on the music.

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out of a 4th gen iPod touch with gr07 mk2/ba200 earphones

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What Currawong said.


Easiest way to find out is to rip some music to flac and 320 and hear what they sound like to your ears.

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Couple of things. Use ALAC on and Ipod instead of FLAC if you don't already have a FLAC library. The other is that there's a free NERO encoder that does AAC 400 CBR. Still 1/2 the size of losses and about as good on your Ipod. AAC400 doesn't work on everything but seems to be fine with the Ipod touch. For flac I use 0 compression level. Very slightly larger file but easier to decode.


I don't know the BA200 but the GR07 only needs 320. It a great IEM but low level res isn't it's strongest attribute. You may or may not here the difference if you find a passage with the right kind of ambient decay but in normal use, you'd be hard pressed to notice. I like Apples codecs on an Ipod. AAC and ALAC.

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