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For Sale: FS Earsonics SM3 V2 and JVC FXT90

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For Sale:
FS Earsonics SM3 V2 and JVC FXT90

Will Ship To: conus

Trying to clean out some IEMs that aren't getting any head time at present. Both prices include shipping but not paypal fees. You can paypal gift if you are comfortable with that too. Otherwise feel free to send me any questions and I'll get back to you asap.

1) Earsonics SM3 V2
Got these from sound earphones I think about year ago. They're in pretty good condition but the shells do have some light scratching on the backside  that goes against the ear (tried to get this in the pictures). Overall I'd say there's in the vicinity of 100-130 hours on them. They sound excellent but just haven't been getting any head time so I'm selling them to fund other phones. Included are most of the stock tips, minus one set of the foams. The set not included I used to remove the core and use it as an adapter for other tips. IMO this works much better than the stock tips (which I never used). Will include some tips from other IEMs that fit these as well including some comply foams, as the stock selection is kind of poor. Just found the case, so listing now includes original EarSonic protective case. Only thing I don't have is the original packaging.
USD $250

2) JVC FXT-90
Purchased these from a headfier a couple months ago, but wound up going with another IEM. Had very little use when I got them and I've added maybe 10 more. Includes original packaging/case/accessories. Overall in great shape without any flaws.
USD $70

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What are you asking for the ear sonics? Can you describe their bass performance? I have a pair of Westone's at the same price and the bass isn't low enough, although they do perform well.


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I mean I feel they have enough bass for me, it's very detailed but not especially over-represented. Their mids are far and away their strength though.

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What is your asking price?

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